2014: Are you Winning an Award in Iceland?

2014: Are you Winning an Award in Iceland?

18th December 2013

We are getting closer to the end of 2013 (just look at all the articles looking back at 2013) which means we can almost start looking forward to 2014. Where without a doubt a lot will happen. We are looking forward to new strategies, to new talent emerging and to new developments in tech with most probably another big role for companies like Facebook and Google (what update will Google have in store for us next year?).

One thing which will happen for sure is that we will be seeing a lot of events again in 2014. And State of Digital will be present at many of those events, as you are used from us (you can actually be part of that if you want!). One of the events will be RIMC 2014. Like in 2013 we will head over to Iceland to be part of a great conference. But this time we will not just be looking at the conference, we will also be looking at the European Searchawards at the same time. Where last year in Barcelona our very own Jackie Hole was the star of the evening we are now looking forward to see who will take away the awards in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The awards are a combined effort from headline sponsor Manual Link Building in association with hosts Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference (RIMC) and SEMPO, organised by Don’t Panic Events. It’s the third European event (we won best blog in 2012 on the first one) and the organisers are expecting a bigger turn out than ever before.

Judging team

judges-eusearchawards-2There are 22 different categories in which awards are to be won. The categories range from “Best Local Campaign” to Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign and off course the “European Search Personality of the Year”. The categories are all judged by a team of judges from all over Europe. Just to give you a quick idea of the different types of judges there:

From State of Digital we can see Bastian Grimm (Germany), James Murray (UK), Jackie Hole (UK), Gianluca Fiorelli (Italy/Spain) and yours truly Bas van den Beld (Netherlands) as representatives from different countries, but it is not just ‘us’, there are very knowledgeable people on the panel. Just look at Kaspar Szymanski (Poland, former Googler), Fili Wiese (Netherlands, also ex-Google), Sara Clifton (Sweden, Founder, Search Integration), Danny Goodwin (US, Searchenginewatch), Anders Hjorth (Denmark, Aznos), Jose Truchado (Spain/UK, Expedia) and many more (like the always present Judith Lewis).

A very balanced judging panel which will be looking at all the different entries and debating them to get to the best winner among the nominees.


Now awards need winners. And to get to winners, you need cases. And even though the judging team sees a lot of cases in their day-to-day jobs, they are not aware of every case out there. So for the awards they have to rely on entries. Lots of them. The more entries, the better the decision will be. And those entries can come from agencies, companies or anyone who thinks a certain case can win.

So you can be the one helping the judges make the best possible decision, by pointing them at great cases (either your own, or your clients for example) or nominating people for European Search Personality or Young Search Professional.

You can nominate or enter on the European Search Award website here.

How to win?

Now off course if you enter, you want to win right? But how? There is always a lot of debate on whether or not the right entry won. And a winning entry in many cases is based on the results, but also on the entry itself. It is after all in some cases one of the few things a judge can base its opinion on. So your entry needs to be top notch.

In the past we’ve written quite a few articles on this topic, just look at these:

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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