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State of Digital: London 2019 – What did you miss?

State of Digital turned 9 years old this year, and we celebrated by hosting our Annual State Of Digital Event in conjunction with the 2019 UK Search Awards. We examined the year’s top Digital Marketing event takeaways, what we’ve learnt as an industry in 2019 and what we can look forward to in the near future.

State of Digital conferences are the best way to keep your skills sharp and understand the latest integrated marketing best practices.  Expert speakers provide tactics and strategies drawn from their own real-life experiences to help you become a better marketer.

Join us Again in 2020!
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State of Digital: London 2019 is a one-day, intensive (30 min sessions) event that takes learning beyond our State Of Digital blog and into the auditorium for a shared experience with experts in the industry both on stage and in the audience. You’ll be immersed in the industry throughout the day, with the option to take it on into the evening by joining us at the UK Search Awards to rub shoulders with award-winning SEO and IM experts for some top-notch inspiration to round off the day.

Whether you’re in-house or agency-side, if you are in a role where your online performance directly impacts your bottom line, then this conference is for you. You’ll learn the methods and strategies used in some of the country’s most successful Digital Marketing campaigns, these are the ideas and methods that are currently cutting through the noise and making a real impact for businesses. Stop reading the State Of Digital blog for just one day (it’s ok we’ll let you know if anything happens) and spend a day dedicated to the arts of Digital Marketing and an evening at the awards celebrating with the best minds in the industry.

2019 State of Digital confirmed speaker lineup:

With the event space open from 8am join us for an early networking breakfast served from 8:15 with freshly brewed coffee and speciality teas available all-day

Marty Weintraub – Founder: Aimclear® Marketing Agency, Speaker, Author, EU/UK Search Awards Judge, Wilderness Guide


An Impertinent Update
Over the last decade, there’s been a massive proliferation of digital marketing agencies of all sizes. Whilst at the same time artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation tools have rendered human marketers (and agencies) obsolete for some key tasks. This twisted reality makes being an agency much more difficult. Also, for in-house marketers, choosing the right agency partner can be a daunting task.Join Marty Weintraub, Founder of Aimclear® (4X Best Integrated Agency, US Search Awards) for a no holds barred examination of:
Agency survival in this fragmented, wacky martech world
Procuring clients, crucial to agency survival by rising above the noise
How in-house marketers can cut through the cluttered field of candidates to best filter and select the right agency partner

Judith Lewis – International Speaker, Trainer & Expert Online Marketing Consultant, UK/EU/US/MENA Search Awards Judge & Chocolate Judge.

In this session Judith Lewis who has judged the Search Awards since they were launched tells all about how exactly to win including common mistakes she sees which often are the only reason an entry loses, what judges look for, how to structure an award for the best chance to win plus example entries that are not and will not be shared outside this session. Recording is not allowed, photos are not allowed, and sharing is not allowed as Judith will give the talk she gave at Pubcon which seemed to result in better entries for those in attendance…

Chris Green – Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital, SISTRIX Certified Trainer & OnCrawl Ambassador

The simplest (but most effective) steps to identifying the causes of traffic loss following a site launch
Having launched/migrated 120+ websites in my career and inheriting many more after migrations have gone wrong, I want to share the simple steps to getting to the root of the problem fast.

Enjoy a mid-morning sweet and savoury break, with time to refresh the all-important endless supply of tea and coffee

Lukasz Zelezny – SEO Consultant / SEO specialist with 15+ years experience, Search Awards Judge

I will be skipping the jargon and getting straight to the point. My presentation will show you which small and simple SEO changes can best improve traffic and revenue. I will cover GAP method, and focus on the way tactics immediately boost SEO performance. You’ll also learn how to efficiently use limited resources to receive the biggest benefits

Helen Pollitt – Head Of Digital | Head of SEO at Avenue Digital

Competition in the organic search results is tough. It’s harder still when your competitors happen to be multinationals with a marketing team twice the size of your entire company.
The luxuries of a household name and the team of experts that accompanies it are not benefits available to all of us as search marketers. How then do you remain competitive and beat your industry behemoths at the race to the top of the SERPs?
Join Helen Pollitt, Head of Digital and Lead SEO at Avenue Digital for a talk that will set you up to a competitive force against the giants of your industry. You’ll learn how to:
Identify the weaknesses of your biggest competitors
Discover your secret weapons and how to use them
Learn how to level the playing-field so you can compete

In this talk Laura will run through the common barriers Laura has seen to getting various teams (PR, SEO, Social Media) working together. She will also share the benefits of breaking down these barriers for all teams.

Not literally – that would be gross. But an enjoyable Mezze of food to tempt you. Not forgetting the important endless supply of tea and coffee

Googles BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)
NLP (Natural Language Processing), the explosion in machine learning and the leaderboard battle between search engineers to beat human understanding of language and context.

Juliette Van Rooyen – Founder & Head of SEO at VR Squared.

In January 2019, I did a panel with a few other SEOs about what our predictions were for this year. In this session, I’m going to review those predictions and see how close to the mark we were. Links, content, SERP changes, and a whack of other areas. Join this session to see how accurate my crystal ball was, and a few ideas about what might be coming next.

A mid-afternoon selection of cakes with a refreshing drink – we’re not told what the drink is, but they are always zingy. Coupled with a final chance to rebalance the caffeine / cake ratio.

Laura Hampton – Head of Digital PR at Impression Digital Limited

In this talk, Laura Hampton of digital marketing agency Impression will explain how her team has developed methods for measuring (and proving) the impact of digital PR, from SEO goals to broader benefits. She’ll share insight into the campaigns delivered by her team in 2019 and the lessons they’ve learned. She’ll also look ahead to 2020 at trends to look out for and techniques to drive even more value from your campaigns

Gerry White – Technical SEO Lead – Just Eat

We historically trusted Google to present our brand to users first, but increasingly we are seeing that brand searches are not only unpredictable but sometimes not what we would prefer to show.
Can we improve on this, do we need to bid on our own brand and what’s the impact of social, schema, wiki and more…
Should Google even rank your brand first or does the user intent mean another experience is better for users

Marty Weintraub – Founder: Aimclear® Marketing Agency, Speaker, Author, EU/UK Search Awards Judge, Wilderness Guide


Kevin Gibbons  -Founder, CEO @ Re:signal – Speaker, Writer and UK Search Personality 2018

Winning EU, UK, and US Search Awards (and others) can put agency and in-house marketers on the map. Yet, creating the perfect entry application can be a daunting task. Very few are good at it. This session will empower attendees to make awards entries more competitive.Our panelists founded and still run two of the most decorated agencies on earth, along with being judges each year in awards competitions all over the world. You’ll leave the session with a greater understanding of:
Composing mind farking case studies for use in awards entries, websites, brochures, blog posts, etc.
Scoring the most points possible in any entry form section, by following the rules to the letter, low hanging fruit
Not pissing off judges with the entry, not making common mistakes that kill entries dead
Permissible PR to support awards entries, a fabulous soft-touch hack
Marty and Kevin will look at a number of mocked up entries, representative of what we often see, scoring points and making mistakes, and discussing real-time. They’ll also share language from their own winning case studies, which have been anonymized.
It’s rare that winning shops share some of their secret sauce. Be at this session to stay ahead of the curve and pass others by.

Jason Barnard – The Brand SERP Guy… Speaker, author, #SEOisAEO podcast host and 100% digital nomad at

Jason has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing, he started promoting his first website in the year Google was incorporated and built it up to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world (60 million visits in 2007).
Today he is a fulltime 100% digital nomad, host and speaker at conferences around the world, whilst interviewing industry experts for his #SEOisAEO podcast (the most fun you’ll ever have learning about digital from the experts). Listen here –

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Your ticket includes

  1. An all-access pass to State of Digital London at etc.venues St. Pauls. A full day packed with sessions from the best Speakers in the industry hand-picked by the team behind State Of Digital.
  2. One-to-one advice. We’ve packed in plenty of time for quality conversations with attendees, speakers & exhibitors through multiple breaks and networking events.
  3. Meals provided. This means a delicious catered breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea over the course of a jam-packed day.
  4. An endless supply of caffeine. What would a conference be without coffee/tea? There will be multiple breaks throughout the event to ensure you keep energised.

Your event ticket does not include

  1. After the event join us at the UK Search Awards* to celebrate our 9th Birthday *separate tickets required.

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