Google Adds Explanations To The Knowledge Graph

Google Adds Explanations To The Knowledge Graph

22nd October 2012

Google added a nice little feature to the Knowledge Graph, at this moment still only available in the English versions of the search engine. As you know the search engine will show a Knowledge Graph panel at the right when this is relevant to the given search query.  The small feature was added to the ‘People also search for’ section of the panel. For example when you search for the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ Google will show information about the movie at the right with under ‘People also search for’ related queries from other users.

Now you can also see how the search queries in this section are actually connected to your own query by hovering over the thumbnail or the query, you will then see the explanation.

By clicking on the thumbnail a new search is performed and at the top of the search results Google will also show why the queries are connected.

So when searching for Gone with the wind you will see the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in the ‘People also search for’  section. In this case the relation to the query is that Victor Fleming directed both Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz.

Google says they are starting by showing major co-starring roles between actors, movies, and TV shows as well as highlighting family connections amongst famous people in the Knowledge Graph, also Google explains these connections won’t show up all the time, but only when there is an interesting explanation available.


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