Facebook Getting into the Data: Read, Listened, Watched, And Want Buttons

This week Facebook has its famous F8 Conference. And the expectations are high as they always are. This year they might even be a bit higher. There are rumors that Facebook will be announcing quite some changes.

Next to a possible redesign and social music services, Facebook might be launching some new buttons: “Read”, “Listened”, “Watched” and “Want”. The buttons will be similar to the well known like button.

The possible move (this is a rumor after all) indicates Facebook realizes they have to look at more than just the social network they are. If they can get the right data from their users telling what books they read, what music they listened and what movies they watch, Facebook will have incredibly valuable data in their hands.

It could even be a step towards search within social. Its interesting to see that Google takes the social approach from the search perspective where Facebook does the exact opposite. We’ll see which of the rumors will become true this week…

Bas van den Beld

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Getting into the Data: Read, Listened, Watched, And Want Buttons

  1. While these buttons can certainly be useful from a marketing perspective, it seems like they could also create lots of clutter. The look of Facebook used to be extremely simple, which was part of what made it so attractive. With every update and addition, it gets more confusing.

    1. I agree Nick. It also still is a rumor so whether or not this will really happen remains to be seen.

      They could maybe also choose for a new button where you can choose between like, read, seen or something. That would make more sence than several different buttons.

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