Facebook Gives Social Media Managers A Helping Hand

Facebook Gives Social Media Managers A Helping Hand

4th June 2012

Facebook has finally implemented some well overdue changes to their ‘Pages’ feature which means that administrators will now be able delegate just that bit more effectively. The two features currently being rolled out are the ability to schedule posts and option to create different tiers of access and control.  Like I said, well overdue 🙂

Page Admin Roles

Up until now there has only been one level of access to a Page and its contents – and that was full.  This was ideal for anyone who wanted or needed full control but it also came with an element of risk if that control needed to be shared with others. Now, Page owners have the option to set 5 different access levels based on the needs of the campaign which means other administrators can be added with confidence.

This handy little chart from Facebook shows the new set up and explains each level of access:



Role: Manager:

As the name suggests, this level of access is the most comprehensive and gives the user permission for every feature such as sending messages and creating posts as “the Page”, the ability to create Facebook ads and also to view page metrics. The Manager is also the only user that can manage any other level of admin.

Ideal for: Page owners, SEO Managers, Social Media Managers 

Role: Content Creator:

Content Creators can do everything that the Manager can do such as edit the Page and create posts, but without the ability to change admins or admin roles.

Ideal for: SEOs, Content Managers

Role: Moderator:

Moderators can respond to and delete comments, create ads, send messages as “the Page” and view page metrics. The is the ideal setting for those supporting the Content Creator.  .

Ideal for: Social Media teams, support admins

Role: Advertiser:

Advertisers can create ads and view insights.

Ideal for: Media Buying Account Managers 

Role: Insights Analyst:

The ‘Insight Analyst’ has the least permissions, able only to view insights.

Ideal for: Juniors, Trainees, those who need access but not the control

You can check if the new features have been ruled out by visiting your Page’s admin panel > settings > admin roles:


Scheduling Posts

Facebook has also introduced the ability to schedule posts which is great – if a little convoluted. It’s the ideal companion to the above if you want to delegate posting to a certain person or group of people and they are working to some kind of editorial calendar.

To schedule your post, simply select the type of post you want to add to your page. Write your post, click the little clock icon in the left hand corner and then select the year, month, day, hour, minute (and second – only joking!) at which you want the post to go live. Then just click ‘Schedule’!



I’ve been using Raven Tools to do this up to now and there are a tonne of other third party apps out there will do the same so it will be interesting to see how many people start scheduling directly from within Facebook itself.

Now, if Facebook could just add the ability to opt out of every pesky app request……….


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