Facebook Rolls out Sponsored Results Search Ads

Facebook Rolls out Sponsored Results Search Ads

23rd August 2012

Facebook Search is not the best search engine out there. Still for many it is a starting point when looking for people, pages or apps. That’s why it is an interesting area for advertisers to be in. After some initial tests Facebook is now rolling out sponsored results in the search results.

On the developer blog Facebook has announced the new feature as one of several updates they made this week amongst which an SDK for iOS Update and changes to profile pictures, but this one is the most interesting one. The feature will make that when you start searching for a name you might not see a person first, but a sponsored result.

Facebook says:

“We are releasing Sponsored Results as a great way for you to drive more awareness of your Application, Page or Place. Developers now have the ability to buy ads in search results and target what people are looking for, by appearing alongside related Apps, Pages and Places. These ads can be targeted against Facebook entities including Pages, Places, Apps and users who have ‘subscribe’ enabled, and can be created through Power Editor or the API.”

Pages less visible, now what?

As said, a search can now have sponsored results feature above the other results, which will push down the visibility of pages even more. Take a look at this search where I start looking for the word “Poker”:

After only three letters it already shows that sponsored results are on top followed by apps and only then followed by two pages. Chances of getting your page visible in these results have decreased a lot.

But because people search with a different attitude on Facebook than for example on Google or Bing there are still possibilities. People are looking more with a specific goal of finding pages or people, which means that if your brand is strong enough they will be looking specifically for your brand name. Time to build your brand!

But for Facebook it will be more about selling the ads, they need it so it seems.


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