Five ‘golden beauties’ from SASCON 2011

Five ‘golden beauties’ from SASCON 2011

3rd June 2011

Time flies, it has already been two weeks since SASCONrapped things up‘. But the conference has left us with some good things to think about. The organization has put most of the presentations online now. We already showed you some of the presentations, but here we give you the five ‘golden beauties’ we extracted from SASCON. Enjoy!

Stat-o-rama – An Industry in numbers – James Murray

[slideshare id=8112015&doc=jamesmurrayexperianhitwise-110526093853-phpapp02]

Regulation in Search – Is it Viable? – Judith Lewis

[slideshare id=8112034&doc=judith-lewissascon2011-110526094012-phpapp01]

Feeds and Microformats – Optimisation beyond the site – Richard Baxter

[slideshare id=8113122&doc=datafeedsandmicroformats-richardbaxter-110526104602-phpapp01]

Analytics 2.0 – Paddy Moogan

[slideshare id=8113252&doc=paddyanalytics2-0-110526105259-phpapp01]

Cutting Edge Search Technology – Joost de Valk – 22 Free Tools to make your site kick-ass

[slideshare id=8113577&doc=seotools-joost-110526111130-phpapp01]

Find all presentations from Thursday and Friday on the SASCON blog or collected on our SASCON page.


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