Five Questions For Bing’s Stefan Weitz

Five Questions For Bing’s Stefan Weitz

9th February 2012

Last week Freshegg decided to provide us with some attention for Bing. They posted about Bing, made infographics and did a lot more. The idea was to “encourage people to break the Google habit and use Bing on Fridays instead.”: BingFriday.

A very nice initiative from Freshegg and much needed in these days when most of the talk is about Google (yes, we are guilty of that too). One thing Freshegg did was do a Q&A with Bing’s Stefan Weitz.

Find below the questions and answers from Stefan Weitz. Some interesting stuff there!

How has Bing reacted to Google’s purge on the low quality content farms following the panda algorithm updates?

Earlier in the year Bing was including paids ads in the middle of unpaid and unbarred search results, and not down the side.Do you see this as a strategy Bing may employ permanently?

What type of signals are Bing currently using to determine the intent behind search?

With Bing now collecting vast amounts of information from social sources, how is that helping search?

How can website overs use micro-formats to optimise for the next generation of search?


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