Forget Google Streetview, here is Bing Streetside: wow!

Forget Google Streetview, here is Bing Streetside: wow!

28th February 2010

We probably have all seen tons of pictures of Google Streetview cars and trycicles. The presence of the cars and the fact they were taking pictures have gotten many to ask questions about the possible privacy issues. IF Google would ever be forced to do something about their Streetview-pictures, there is a very good alternative waiting for you over at Bing. Heck, I’m even not waiting for Google, I’m switching over now. The “new” Bing Maps is called Streetside Photos and is currently only available in Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver (Canada).

But what a sight. Streetside uses the Photosynth technology to integrate Flickr photos in Bing Maps. Thus making it a much richer experience than the ‘simple’ Google Streetview. Check it out:

The application in my view is much better than Streetview, but off course that doesn’t mean that Streetside immediately can replace Google Streetview. For one thing, its not widely available yet, and in Europe we know how long it can take Bing to get new versions launched in Europe… Another ‘problem’ for Bing off course is the dominance Streetview already has. Many Google-users will not switch over that easily.

But if they do, they will be in for a treat. And if Google gets into more Streetview troubles, Bing might very well step in… Let me know what you think, about the application off course, but also if you believe Streetside can ‘beat’ Streetview in popularity.


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