Forget Pagerank and Mozrank, Majestic Launches “Flow Metrics”

Forget Pagerank and Mozrank, Majestic Launches “Flow Metrics”

14th May 2012

Linkbuilders love Pagerank and Mozrank. Even though Pagerank has no influence on rankings it shows us what a site and a link on that site can be “worth”. But is it the best way to figure that out?

Majestic SEO probably has the most insights on the worth of any link out there since they have the biggest database of links on the web. Majestic SEO feels Mozrank and Pagerank as well as the AC Rank they have been using could use some improvement. So they decided to develop a new quality metrics “Flow Metrics” with two “scores”: Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

The new metrics can be a revolutionary metric which will show much more of the strength of specific pages.

Majestic’s flow metrics is special. From their release:

“The new methodology differs dramatically from others previously used, as the methodology is capable of flowing ANY characteristic through links, starting with a known characteristic set. Initially, the main improvements on Majestic SEO’s ACRank model are that the new metrics allow a charactersitic to flow through internal links as well as external links, using a self decaying algorithm.”

Scores will be between 0 and 99, making it much more precise than for example Pagerank and “giving a much stronger correlation than previously seen between Citation Flow and Google’s own metric”

Majestic feels Citation Flow is much stronger than Pagerank for example since its updated more frequently, namely daily and has a much more ‘genuine’ view on the links since it is not affected by any Google penalties.

The new measurement method will also make it more interesting to compare linkprofiles of sites. See below the graph of the link profiles of the BBC (green) and the Guardian (red). It shows both of them have a lot of trust “but the BBC has somewhat more breadth and variety in its profile”.

Dixon Jones of Majestic is very excited, he told State of Search:

“I am convinced this is a dramatic improvement in how URLs are analyzued using links. The methodolgy is better than (say) Page Rank in many regards and should give the community massive insights into search that were just not possible technologically until today”

The Majestic Flow Metrics could be making a big impact on how sites can be rated. What are your thoughts on it?


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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