Future-proofing your Link Building Strategies

Ever since Google announced the first iteration of the penguin update, future-proofing their SEO output has been a major focus for lots of agencies. Lots of us have seen signs of agencies frantically removing links (both high and low quality) and changing their approach in order to hide from ‘the penguin’.

In addition to the changes that Google has made so far, it’s fundamentally important for SEOs to be thinking ahead of the curve, in order to protect the work they’re doing for their clients and also their business.

The following tips are focused on what I believe Google will be doing in the not so distant future in order to improve the quality of their results and prevent websites from ranking through manipulating their algorithm.

Avoid obvious footprints

Guest post references:

Guest posts have become the new ‘easy’ tactic for SEO’s of late, which has consequently left it as an opportunity for Google to target algorithmically. Although placing content on other people’s websites isn’t something that I would consider spam, it’s something that is being over-used and is probably having a considerable affect on the quality of Google’s rankings – so therefore I think sooner or later Google will address this (by devaluing these types of links).

My recommendation for this would be to try your best to get contributor slots or columns on websites, as these don’t have the same ‘guest post’ footprint that makes the link susceptible to being de-valued. I would also recommend trying to get bloggers to place their content under their own name, as this just makes a guest post link a good, natural reference link.

The same principle applies for infographics, if you can think of another term for your graphics to avoid making it easy for Google to take mass action, it would help to make it a more sustainable link. Offering to write an introduction is a great way of doing this with infographics.

Although there’s no guarantee that the search engines are going to take action against these link building tactics, there have been lots of hints from Google representatives.

Avoid websites that are / have been selling links

A few years ago, when I used to get replies from bloggers asking for money in exchange for placing articles, I used to try really hard to get them to place the content for free and I always saw it as a great achievement if I succeeded. Now, it’s important to think about how other SEOs are responding to requests for money – if they’re all paying for links, search engines are clearly going to think you’re paying too!

With this in mind, I think it’s really important to avoid any site that is selling advertorials or links in general because search engines will be looking for patterns within the content being published.

At the very best, links on editorial websites that are selling links are going to be devalued, making it a waste of content and time.

Keep your links diverse

For the vast majority of SEOs at the moment, the focus is primarily on building branded links, commonly to counter aggressive anchor text distribution from pre-penguin times. I would strongly recommend mixing things up in terms of they types of links you target and not just trying to generate the same branded links within articles.

The way I look at it, search engines are looking for unnatural patterns within link building and in my mind, generating lots of text links from articles is clearly identifiable. I would recommend trying to completely mix things up and target image links, image credit links, branded URL links, citations within articles, combined branded and keyword anchor links etc.

Think about quality signals!

Although there’s a lot of debate as to whether quality signals are playing a part in SEO at the moment, I believe that there are obvious signs of whether an article is high quality or low quality that search engines must / should be looking at.

I believe that targeting links from websites that are generating social shares and comments / engagement is going to increase the value / sustainability of links, be it now or in the future. We generally try to get our clients to engage with articles where they’re featured, be it by sharing on their Facebook page or via Twitter or by commenting on the article and trying to encourage more people to do so. I would recommend this, as suddenly the content looks a lot more natural if it’s generating a response from its readers.

Think about the value of context

Over the last 18 months or so, there has been a lot of talk about how Google interprets context and uses it to understand the value of a link. One of the most frequently referenced principles is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), which is basically a process for identifying context or meanings of an article or content based on the words in the article and how they’re used.

I don’t know if search engines are using LSI within their algorithms or if/how they’re measuring context as part of link valuation, however I think they are probably doing something. With this in mind, I think it’s really important (especially on the topic of future-proofing your link building) to keep content as relevant to the website you’re link building for as possible.

On this note, we’ve also started targeting citations within articles as (in addition to the benefits citations can have for local SEO) we believe that this is something that search engines are going to be looking at or look at as a quality signal. Rand Fishkin did this whiteboard Friday on co-citations as a potential replacement for links last year.

Simon Penson wrote a great post on link building without links on SEOmoz recently (he’s also written a lot of the best articles I’ve read recently on SEW), which references LSI and is definitely worth reading.

This article from Aaron Wall also discusses LSI and how search engines can use it to understand context.

Start using author profiles for link building

Authorship has been a hot topic for the last year or so and is widely expected to be a big part of Google’s ranking algorithm in the future. Authorship is expected to start ranking articles by the person who wrote it and attributing value to the links based on this.

I would recommend using authorship on all articles being written on behalf of clients, whether you use your own name or the name of a full-time employee (obviously post-conversation with them).

Please feel free to add any other suggestions for future-proofing link building efforts in the comments section below.

About Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers currently works as the Organic Performance Manager for Buyagift PLC. Before joining Buyagift in June 2013, Paul spent three years working for GPMD (a London-based ecommerce agency) as Head of Digital Marketing.

28 thoughts on “Future-proofing your Link Building Strategies

  1. The penguin is not very effective (jet).
    Just 2 weeks ago a very new company rankes postion 2 on “zoekmachine marketing” (search engine marketing in dutch) just using startpages with links. No real links from any authority website. just the linkfarm type.

    they did it in 4 weeks.
    Their keyword variation is just”zoekmachine marketing” and “zoekmachine marketing bureau” nothing else…

          1. Not sure which site you are looking at Wouter, but from your comment I can see there is something unclear to you about a Penguin penalty.

            Any site with unnatural back link profile, or other violations against Google’s Quality guidelines risk the Penguin. However, there is one important part of such a penalty, the site first needs to be properly crawled and indexed. Then, over time when a Penguin update rolls out, there is the chance that the site in question might receive the penguin penalty.

            Crawling, indexing and ranking happens on a continuous basis, where the Penguin updates are more time bound, like a Google dance.

            It could very well be that your site in question is in between the first part, being indexed and ranked, and hit by the Penguin.. if these even happen in The Netherlands.

            If the ranking site is bothering you, man up, either report the site, if you are “that kind of guy” or step up and do some real SEO work. (And I don’t mean creating countless pages on your site for singular and plural forms of the same word just to get the KW coverage).

            The last option is to shut up, especially as your own back link profile has similar footprint…

            Either way you choose… I don’t care, as I’m not playing in the space of Internet Marketing in The Netherlands…


          2. Couldn’t agree more, your own link profile isn’t that great either, or were the footer links on for example kantoorfruit dot nu and nieuwbouwwijzer dot nl spontaneously placed by the website owners? And what about the pages on your site called “internet marketing bureau”, “internet marketing bureaus” and “internet marketing bureau amsterdam”? Are those really visitor oriented, or just created for search engines?

          3. Imagine somebody building a new house for you, after which they are finished, they leave a giant billboard on your roof claiming their company has built your house. Even after you paid the full sum, they don’t remove the billboard.

            After 6 weeks, you start receiving letters from your local government agency that you will need top remove the billboard, or you would need to pay a penalty.

            You feel lost, you paid for the house, but never agreed the general contractor to leave the billboard on YOUR roof advertising THEIR business. And now YOU are paying the penalty for it…

            Pulling your backlink profile in Majestic, exporting to csv, pasting unique domains online…tempting, but I won’t do it!

            It’s your full client list…

  2. All great points, actually our team here at PPC Professionals in Fort Lauderdale/Miami FL has been building a list of good to great blogs to become guests on in the near future. And if all else fails you can use Google AdWords we wrote a nice guide here called AdWords 101 which is actually advanced techniques for PPC Managment on PPCProfessionals.com

  3. Viewing how Google rules the net and how articles are written by professionals, hobbyists and SEO people, I see a trend that is scary. It was best before Google came. Anyone could link to anything they wanted with what ever ancor-text they wanted or image. It was fun in those days. Now you can get punished and banned. Our freedom as writers is deminishing. If a site writes about many topics it will get devalued as it is not specific about a topic. With author-ranking, I am afraid it will be the same. If you as an author write about many topics (my personality-trait is always to be interested in sooo many things), then that author is not an expert in anything and hence his/her ranking will deminish. But who is Google to decide this? Was it not to “do no evil”?
    I see it more and more as a grid that ensnares and hinders free writing and linking.
    It is too much Big-brother over it for my writing, liking and linking.

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    “Para pemain harus bersikap profesional untuk citranya sendiri, citra klub, dan citra olahraga,” demikian pelatih berkebangsaan Italia ini.

    Di liga, saat ini mereka menempati posisi tiga dengan nilai 83 dari 35 laga.

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    He added: “We would come here to the (United) States in pre-season with Wigan and you can tell how tough it is for the English players, Scottish and Irish guys, too, to come on this side of the world. Not many places will be as hot in Brazil, apart from Manaus.

    If they keep the ball like they did against us, they will not get tired. They have the players to keep the ball. That will keep them fresh, stop them getting tired. They’re young guys, too.”

  14. Finke: Cameroon will join world cup as planned

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    However, national coach Finke confirms that Cameroon will join world cup to compete with Mexico followed by Croatia and Brazil as planned.

    Finke said: “It’s just one of those things that these agreements can take longer in Africa. That agreement was struck this morning and now we can fly to Brazil today (Sunday). Our fans will be pleased – Cameroon will of course be participating in the World Cup.”

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    That offer was rejected as Valencia demanded Barca matched the player’s release clause, which stands at €20 million, before the player pleaded with his current employers to sanction a move to Camp Nou.

    The 30-year-old’s wish has now been granted after the two sides agreed a fee believed to be close to Valencia’s asking price, and he could even be unveiled as a Barcelona player on Tuesday.

    Mathieu will head to Catalonia as the rest of his soon to be former team-mates at Valencia head to South America for a pre-season tour on Wednesday.

    In signing for the club, the Frenchman becomes Barcelona’s fifth signing of the summer following the arrivals of Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Claudio Bravo, Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez.

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    Gerrard stepped down from the international game on Monday after amassing 114 caps and leading England into three major tournaments as captain.

    And Carragher, who retired from the game a year ago, believes Gerrard will be able to give Liverpool two or three more years of sterling service after departing the international arena.

    He told Sky Sports News: “For Liverpool football club, it’s a great decision. I am sure the Liverpool supporters will be happy.

    “You get a fresher Steven Gerrard. He had a great season last season with the demands of England.

    “But there will be more demands on Liverpool this season, more expected because of the season they had last year, and Steven Gerrard is still a vital part of Liverpool – and I think he will be for the next two or three years, so for Brendan Rodgers, it’s a great decision by Stevie.”

  18. Valencia cancel Costa contract

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Valencia have cancelled the contract of captain Ricardo Costa a full 11 months before his contract was due to expire.

    The centre-back had a deal at the Mestalla until June 2015, but the Portugal international – who made 20 La Liga appearances last season – has left the club for pastures new.

    “I’m leaving Valencia in good conscience and with the affection of the fans,” Costa told the club’s official website.

    “[These] have been years of great happiness where I felt the support of the fans in good times and bad times.

    “I want to send greetings to all Valencianistas, the workers, my colleagues, the media and everyone with whom I have shared moments.

    “It is time to start a new stage in my career, but I always take Valencia in my heart. I was proud to be captain of this team.”

  19. Van Gaal: Valdes and I have a special relationship

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal says he has a “special relationship” with former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, who is training with the English club.

    The Spaniard, who left Barca at the end of last season, has linked up with United in a bid to continue his recovery from the anterior cruciate ligament injury that he suffered in March.

    And Van Gaal admits he has great respect for Valdes, with whom he worked at the Camp Nou during his two spells in charge.

    “Every human being is special because they all have identities,” he told reporters.

    “It’s a principle of my philosophy that you have to respect the individual human being. He’s special because I’ve worked with him and we’ve retained our relationship, which is not always the case.”

  20. Lambert: Villa have option to sign Cleverley

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Paul Lambert has revealed that Aston Villa have the option to sign on-loan Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley in January.

    Cleverley has started Villa’s last five Premier League matches after sealing a temporary switch to Villa Park in the summer transfer window.

    And Lambert has confirmed that the 25-year-old, who is out of contract at United at the end of the season, could well secure a permanent move to Villa Park in January.

    “We have an option on Tom. We have not gone into great detail but he has played well,” Lambert said on Friday.

    “He was the one lad who was busy on Saturday [in Villa’s 3-0 loss at Everton]. He has so much to offer. He’s a good guy, a good pro and does everything [at a] high tempo, even when he trains.”

  21. Marotta: No release-clause for Pogba

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta says there is no release clause written into Paul Pogba’s new contract and that the club intend to keep him for the full five years of his new deal.

    The France international put pen to paper on a new contract this week, reportedly tripling his salary in Turin.

    The 21-year-old former Manchester United midfielder was linked with a move away from the club this past summer but Marotta issued a hands-off warning to any potential suitors.

    “There have been no release clauses inserted, because the intention is to keep him for a long time,” Marotta told the club’s shareholders’ assembly.

    “We deem the wage increase appropriate to Pogba’s value. The deal includes a fixed base salary and a number of bonuses tied to personal and team goals.”

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