Germany & Search: September 2012 Edition
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Germany & Search: September 2012 Edition

2nd October 2012

Welcome to our very first post of a new series on StateOfSearch titled “Germany & Search”. The series will – for now – be appearing on a monthly basis and covering the most important German-speaking posts (believe it or not: We do have content in Germany as well) and try to give a brief summary of those – in English of course. So, without further due, let’s get into that!

Tools, Tools and some more tools…

We do have quite some great tools coming out of Germany – be it Searchmetrics (Suite and Essentials), the Sistrix Toolbox or the newly launched (I’m sorry, no English version yet – but I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time!). We have them all. No wonder that there is quite some posting and discussion around those (and others). Over here there is a nice comparison on the mentioned three and matched against the Screaming Frog SEO Spider as well as – both “large-scale” crawling tools. Eric, who authored the post, comes to the conclusion that depending on your needs, it’s mainly a matter of personal taste – obviously each tools comes with its price (except from GWT which is a must-have anyways) and therefore I’d strongly recommend you give ‘em a try and see what you like most.

If you want to have a further look without actually testing, there is an in-depth post at the Searchmetrics blog covering their re-launched optimizer and over here is another tool post, this time covering the Rank Tracker tool. If you’re into local SEO, check this one on tools especially for local! And last but not least – this is a bit of a cheat since Christoph is actually Austrian – there is an interesting announcement over here. The CEMPER team aims at visualizing the link graph, not a bad idea – curious to see the results.

Link Removal & Clean-up

Interestingly, talking to a lot of my international friends, I’ll often get told that the German index is actually THAT spammed. Well… that might be true or not – however, we’re of course also discussing the opposite quite hefty: Removing links due to clean-up jobs, link profile optimization and the like. In this post you’ll probably find more of a Google-bash rather than a discussion but it’s surely worth a read. The author mainly complains about the fact that people nowadays are just afraid of Google and send over kind of “crazy” requests asking for a link-removal targeting links that either came up completely natural or for example date back to a link-exchange that is years old. Probably both not really a reason to actually get that link removed… Sounds kind of old-school – but there is a second post covering similar stuff (how to deal with link-exchange requests) – also worth reading. Find it here.


It’s conference madness all over. Not only, but also in Germany. In September we recently had dmexco with the famous OMclub party. This time, just before that, there was another conference newcomer: OMC which took place on board of the famous cruise ship “MS RheinEnergie” – find a brief summary here. SEO Campixx 2013 (THE German SEO “un-conference”) has just been announced to be happening in March again and during October we’ll be having OMCap Berlin (in cooperation with SES) as well as SEOday Cologne.

Random Links

Germany has laws for everything – we’re kind of popular for that. I know, nothing to be proud of – trust me, I’m not. Here is some advice on how to make your Facebook page legally compliant.

Did I mention tools already? Well… I did – and with tools come figures and data; and the question what you actually should measure (or not). Check this in-depth post on SEO KPIs, starting with what a KPI actually might be, following with various ideas on what data to use and even how to come up with kind of an “easy to useSEO dashboard using Google docs.

And that’s it for now… I hope you might find some of these links useful. Whenever you think I should include your link in here, feel free to get in touch. And in addition: If you’ve thoughts on how to make this aggregation even better, I’d be more than happy to read your feedback!


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