Germany & Search: February 2013 Edition
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Germany & Search: February 2013 Edition

6th March 2013

Just back from a beautiful and sunny vacation in Thailand to the – still – damn cold German winter. Tried to dig through as much content as I could in just two days and therefore I’m happy to present “Germany & Search” edition 02-2013 here on StateOfSearch. This is what we got in February:

The usual: Tools

As in every month, there is no month without news from the German tools market. Seems that we’re heavily contributing to this part of the SEO-sphere (btw: don’t miss out on our tools week here on SoS). The guys from SISTRIX did release SISTRIX Smart, a free on-page tool which does auto-provide you suggestions on what you need to do on-page wise. Be sure to check it out. Talking about on-page: Also make sure having a look at – the guys are doing an incredible job and are adding features with a lightning-speed.

And it’s SISTRIX again who did also release a tool covering all recent Google updates affecting the German market (similar to the one you might know from SEOmoz). The cool thing is that they’re overlaying those with their visibility performance per domain, pretty cool to debug performance developments or losses. Here is some more coverage of that tool.

Links: Good, bad and ugly

As with the recent happenings around the “Interflora”-case there was obviously quite a bit of talk in the German market in and around links and their quality. And surely one question popped up again: What’s a bad link – here is an in-depth look trying to provide some answers. I’d also recommend reading this one on how to utilize the GWT data for doing so.

Random Links

Since people apparently do like lists I’d assume you also might want to read this one covering 50 single factors to rank documents (even though these surely might not be all of them…).

Also a very good read: Using Google Drive for hosting – even though I’m not too sure why you’d to this, it’s definitely a clever approach and worth reading.

Conference season is not fully there yet (the madness starts in March, again) – however we had a slight kick-off in Germany with Online Marketing Rockstars in Hamburg (quick re-cap over here) and I did also speak in London over at LAC 13 (slides) and in March we’ll be having SEO Campixx, again.

You’ve probably seen them: SERPs with just one organic item. If not, head over here – there is some examples and a German write-up. And some additional thoughts over here.

And last but not least: “SEO Sunday – Operation Inbound” is my final reading recommendation for February. Read you soon 😉

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