Germany & Search: January 2013 Edition
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Germany & Search: January 2013 Edition

30th January 2013

First month of 2013 already gone – how time flies. And there seems to be no slowing down in content creation. So without further due, I’m happy to present “Germany & Search” edition 01-2013 here on StateOfSearch. So, let’s get into this:

2013 Previews & Trends

I’m not going to cover all of them, no worries. There was a massive load of predictions and previews coming out, some in December, some in beginning of January – but way too much to cover all of them. However, some made are definitely worth checking out: Philipp did cover three topics search marketers need to think about in 2013 (this being Negative SEO, organic backfill as well as vertical search), go check it out here. If you’re interested on my take on Negative SEO, check my slide deck a presented at SEOkomm 2012. The second one really worth reading can be found here, it’s Sebastian’s take on local search trends for 2013.

At least a bit of Tools

It’s kind of a “tradition” already that I do cover a bit in tools, as well. The guys over at Sistrix did release an in-depth eBook (120+ pages) with a lot of different approaches on how to use their toolbox but also how to work with SEO related data in general. Check it out! Talking about tools: Andor published a review of GSERP which seems to be another (free) SERP monitoring service. And also worth reading: A take on why and how to use Google Webmaster Tools.


As you all are aware of, Facebook launched graph search. Straight after that, Malte published an extensive wrap-up with features as well as tactics on how to optimize for graph search which can be found here. Talking about Facebook: As you might know, in Germany we do have laws for almost everything. Nowadays, Facebook is apparently violating one of these laws, this time it’s all about using nicknames vs. real names. Find the full coverage over here.

Random Links

Matthäus over at the AKM3 blog published a really extensive guide on how to use and combine Google as well as Bing search operators to perform a big load of different tasks including GDocs examples for various use-cases. The guide can be found here and is definitely a must-read!

And if you’re still fighting the Googe Penguin you might want to have a look at Stephan’s summary on how a proper and natural anchor-text distribution should look like.

Ever thought about using Google Trends for keyword discover? Well – anyways, you definitely should. Here is a quick guide on how you could do that.

And last but not least: I’d also recommend you have a look at a post titled “10 text tips for landing page optimization” straight over here.


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