Germany & Search: March 2013 Edition
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Germany & Search: March 2013 Edition

2nd April 2013

It’s soo ridiculous… March comes to an end and I still see the damn snow when looking outside of my office in Germany. That not nice, really! However… the depressing white – which also covered parts of THE German-conference event in March – SEOcampixx in Berlin – did not prevent from producing quite a bit a great content during this month. So, let’s get straight into “Germany Search” edition 03-2013 here on StateOfSearch:


There have been plenty of them – and some are still going (like SES New York for example) – so let me give you a bit of an idea what was going on during March in Germany. First and foremost we had SEOcampixx which had a massive coverage in the Twitter-/Facebook-Sphere as well. I’m not going to cover or collect all the recaps, Marcell already did over here.

We also had the Content Marketing Conference (CMC) in Cologne where I did not attend, however there is a good write-up over here.

And there is more to come: SMX Munich (which has an awesome agenda in place) will be kicked-off at the 9th of April, unfortunately I’m going to miss this one for the first time – since I’ll be heading to Australia and doing SMX Sydney instead!

Some bits on link building

Ya, it seems that “link building thing” does not really die; lucky us! Kerstin did a solid write-up on international link building (kind of from a German perspective) covering differences, do’s / don’ts, etc. – absolutely worth reading.

AuthorRank: The “new” metric around link evaluation? Maybe, maybe not – but no matter if you think this is true or not… don’t miss this piece on background and some thoughts on how to use rel=author.

And – probably inspired by the Interflora-Case in UK – Stephan did a post on how to easily discover (bad) advertorials. Go have a read over here.

Tools, of course!

Not a month without covering tools – no way! The guys from Barketing did a “10 questions” interview with Tobias Schwarz, creator of (kind of a web-based ScreamingFrog but more powerful, if you ask me). Go read it here.

And Searchmetrics did a massive feature release during March: Around the 10th of March, a newly created task management as well as a re-done reporting are was introduced (some coverage here) and just two days ago, the guys around CTO Marcus Tober re-did parts of their dashboard and also introduced a set of new metrics, definitely worth checking out!

Random Links

Martin did a solid job in covering the recently launched “Google: Inside Search” page over at his blog.

Apparently I didn’t really keep track – but the guys from SEOlytics did: The “German”-knowledge graph turned a hundred days old. There is an interesting and in depth article available covering different stages, changes and contents being shown. Don’t miss it.

Even though this is my last recommendation, it’s probably one of the most interesting ones (it just came in yesterday!): A Searchmetrics study on Google Universal Search for 2012. REALLY have a look!


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