Germany & Search: May & June 2013 Edition
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Germany & Search: May & June 2013 Edition

1st July 2013

Well, well… I admit it: I missed my monthly recap for May and I’m really sorry about it. I don’t wanna give excuses – I think you guys don’t care anyways – let’s just say that the last few months have been quite intense. Anyhow, time to take a deep breath and do a quick wrap-up for the last weeks. Here we go, time for “Germany Search” edition 05+06-2013 on StateOfSearch:

Technical SEO & KPIs

Over at the blog there is a nice read on one of the more technical aspects in SEO: Building rock-solid information architecture. Especially if you might be thinking on re-building or re-structuring things, make sure to have a look first; it also brings a bit of a small check-list on some must have items. You’ll find it here.

Dominik did a video on how to define and work with KPIs that reflect SEO work. Give it a try, I’ll promise it’s worth the time. And in addition, also make sure to grab this read as well.

Another video over at the Sistrix blog does cover on how to figure out if a domain (your domain?) has actually been hit by the roll-out of Penguin 2.0 – quite useful if you’re still unsure… 😉

Search Engine Ranking / Correlation Factors 2013

Searchmetrics did release an extensive whitepaper (first in Germany, get it here and later on in the States, available here) covering almost everything that might or might not influence search engine rankings. To do so the guys crunched a massive load of data (10.000 keywords, 300.000 domains – per country) and it’s definitely worth a read which you should not miss!

And if you into data already, also have a look at a new study by Tomorrow Focus (it’s their ninth edition already) which covers a lot of different mobile usage statistics. Grab the PDF over here. It has some interesting facts in there, such as that people heavily user the mobile phones when heading back home from work and much more.

Random Links

If you’re still struggling to understand what “good” content means from an SEO-perspective, you might want to visit this article and grab the must-know tips right there. It does also give a quick overview on some text-creation/ validation tools which might come in handy at some point.

If you favor an even more extensive read (reserve at least half an hour), go check out this post as well, it’s worth the time.

I’m sure you all read the Google announcement in regards to the Keyword Planner (combining the external keyword tool with the Google traffic estimator)? Well… if you’re interested – and you should be – don’t miss this read then which points out some interesting differences; and maybe this one as well.

Also quite interesting: Google changes Google News in Germany to be an opt-in only service. This basically means that publishers will explicitly have to confirm that they want to appear in News results. This is due to some new court regulations (“Leistungsschutzrecht”). If you fancy the full background, make sure to get it here.


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