Germany & Search: November 2012 Edition
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Germany & Search: November 2012 Edition

29th November 2012

Another month comes to an end and therefore it’s time again for “Germany & Search” here on StateOfSearch. We’re now counting the third edition. Again, quite a bit of stuff went down this month. For me, November usually is one of the busiest months of the year – seems to be true for a lot of people as well – especially looking at the content that has been produced, events gone down and status updates being made. So, let’s get right into this.

Conferences & Other Events

November usually has the last big show of the year (for me), not really in Germany – but German-speaking. I’m talking about none other than SEOkomm in beautiful Salzburg, Austria. Again, it has been an amazing event. Without a doubt, for me it has been the best German-speaking event, again. To wrap it up: There were two days of trainings before the actual event (I also did one a called “Link Building – The Dark Side” – covering all the stuff you’ll not hear in public), there was a great warm-up party in a very traditional Austrian bar, of course the event it-self (which had a 10 hours, 3 tracks in parallel jam-packed agenda; I talked about “Negative SEO” there) and not to miss the official conference after-show party. If you want to read some in-depth recaps, there are a lot – and here are some of my favorites: #1, #2, #3, #4 and here is even more.

There were some more events, of course – one of them was SearchLove in London. Here is a German recap as well.

Tools & Plug-ins

If you’re into anything “Social” and especially into monitoring and gathering data, there is a must read (actually its two posts; here and here) covering everything you need to know from social search engines to desktop tools. Don’t miss it!

And over at the trustagents blog, there is an updated list of must-have browser plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome. Definitely a must read if you an extension fanatic (who isn’t!?).

Random Links

I’m sure you do remember the 52 link-building tips over at Well – we have German edition as well, definitely worth checking out. Find it here. I assure you, all in all its 44 ideas you don’t want to miss.

Johannes Beus (creator of the Sistrix Toolbox) wrote a good piece on author profiles moving towards to becoming a ranking factor. Be sure to check it out – he has some nice usage statistics in there as well.

Over at the German-speaking GoogleWatchBlog there is a good summary on Google+ facts and features for 2013 – also worth a read. Key take-aways: Still no ads and further in-depth Google integrations to come up.

SEO Basics: A good read on CTR and Rich Snippets has been published at the Searchmetrics Blog, go say hi.

And last but not least – we now do have Google Music in Germany, how innovative. Wow!


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