Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update – May edition

Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update – May edition

23rd May 2013

These last 30 days have been über rich with great posts.

Sincerely, my Twitter favorites column was never ending when I was scrolling to find the note “30 days old”.

Therefore, for the first time, I won’t write a “distillation” kind of curated post, but will go for a more classical list one, and I ask you to forgive me if you won’t like it… but – seriously – this post would have become even longer and, sincerely, the quality of the posts deserves to make them visible the best I can.

I have classified the posts and decks into recognizable categories, the same ones I use when I classify content in my Chrome favorites

Pro tip: use favorites in Chrome, and then sync all the Chromes in all your devices to have them always with you (also when you are using some other computer).

Final note: you will see that this month I selected many decks hosted in Slideshare. That is because of two reasons:

  1. It’s conference season;
  2. Slideshare is proving itself every day more as an essential source of outstanding content.

So, let’s start the list.

Content Strategy and Marketing

The Content Evolution: How content can change your business for the better, by Melissa Rach, presented at the “You Have a Website, Now What? in Sioux Falls, SD.

[slideshare id=19458947&doc=nowwhatmelissaslideshare-130421190816-phpapp02]


Information Endures: A Story About Stories, by Jonathon Colman on his personal blog.

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing, by Neil Patel and Kathryn Aragon on Quicksprout.

How to Use Ebooks Strategically and Reach Your Content Marketing Goals by Pamela Wilson on Copyblogger.

10 Content Strategy Lessons I Have Learned by Hilary Marsh on her own site.

Become a Storymaker by Tracey Halvorsen on

Actionable Content Marketing Strategy by Ross Hudgens presented at Searchlove Boston.

[slideshare id=21606948&doc=rosshudgenssearchlove-130521100932-phpapp02]



Enterprise SEO, by Samuel Crocker, presented at IonSearch

[slideshare id=19523197&doc=enterpriseseoionsearchsamuelcrocker-130422023101-phpapp01]

3 Things the SEO Echo Chamber Is Wrong About and Why by Mike King on the iAcquire blog.

In-House SEO Strategies. Data Is Your Ally, by Alan Bleiweiss and presented at Pubcon.

[slideshare id=20198935&doc=alan-bleiweiss-in-house-seo-strategies-nola2013-130429110551-phpapp02]

Exploration of the Google PageRank Algorithm by Brad Lyon.

The Importance of Localisation in International SEO by Gemma Birch on Koozai.

SEO for Multilingual eCommerce Websites by Toni Anicic on DejanSEO.

How to become an Influencer through Content and Relationship Marketing by Kaiser the Sage on his own blog.

The Clients I Can’t Afford To Take by Bill Sebald on SEOmoz.

Getting SEO’s at the Adult Table with Search Infused Marketing by Wil Reynolds and presented at Searchlove Boston.

[slideshare id=21349949&doc=2013-search-church-breakingdownsilos-wil-final-130517153052-phpapp02]

The SEO Mistake that Wiped Out 80% of My Traffic by Andre on eCommerceFuel.

How does Google think about search quality when it relies on subjectivity? Video by Matt Cutts on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel.



What should we expect in the next months in terms of SEO for Google? Video by Matt Cutts on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel.


Modern Technical SEO by Will Critchlow and presented at Searchlove Boston.

[slideshare id=21608758&doc=willcritchlow-technicalseo-130521103051-phpapp01]

UX and Design

on Service Design, by Patrick Quattlebaum, presented at Usability Stammtisch Berlin.

[slideshare id=19646283&doc=onservicedesignberlin18042013-130422165335-phpapp01]


The Anatomy of the Google Architecture by Ed Austin

[slideshare id=2688678&doc=theanatomyofthegooglearchitecturefinalv1-1-091210035101-phpapp02]


Human-first Web Design by Daniel Ryan.

Search is the Front Door to User Experience by Abby Covert presented at Searchlove Boston.

[slideshare id=21602090&doc=searchlove-130521091035-phpapp01]


Google and Internet Marketing

Google I/O 2013 – Keynotes


The Future According to Larry Page: Outlook Lazy, by Elisa Gabbert on The WordStream Blog.

Lo que esconde la eliminación de la previsualización de resultados de Google (What hides the elimination of the Google results preview in Serps), by Ferriol Egea on his own blog.

Weird, Useful, Significant. Internet Marketing 2013, by Ian Lurie and presented at the University of Washington Web Council.

[slideshare id=19074670&doc=weird-useful-significant-130418091618-phpapp02]


The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI by Daniela Hernandez on

What are key strategies to acquire first 100k users with zero marketing budget? on Quora.

The 3 Steps for Success in Multidevice Search World by Aleyda on SEOmoz.

Some Tidbits from Google’s Rollouts Yesterday by Mike Blumenthal on his blog.

Pew: 94% of Teenagers Use Facebook, Have 425 Facebook Friends, but Twitter & Instagram Adoption Way Up by Greg Sterling on Marketing Land.

Google+, Knowledge Graph, Author Rank/Authorship et al

Get Up and Running with Google+ Interactive Posts by Mike Arnesen on SweelPath Blog.

How to Build an Audience with Google+ Hangouts, by Sarah Hill on Copyblogger.

Google Author Rank and Authorship: What We Know So Far, by Mark Traphagen on WindMill Networking Blog.

Under the Hood: The Natural Language Interface of Graph Search, by Xiao Li and Maxime Boucher on Facebook Engineering page.

AJ Kohn Explains Google+, authorship and ponders the future of Social Media by Jon Henshaw on Squawk.

How Google Decides What to Know in Knowledge Graph Results by Bill Slawski on Seo by the Sea.

Google Knowledge Graph and the future of voice-activated intelligent search by Michelle Atagana on

Up Close with the New Google+ Related Hashtags by Danny Sullivan on Marketing Land.

Google Continues to Experiment & Expand Authorship by Janet Driscoll Miller on Search Engine Land.

Google Analytics

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, in the Think Insights Google blog.

(not provided): Using R and the Google Analytics API, by Randy Zwitch on R-bloggers.

Reclaiming YOUR Search Data by Tim Resnik on SEOmoz.

[slideshare id=21284737&doc=reclaimingyourgooglereferraldata-mozinarbytimresnikshare-130516165455-phpapp02]


Killer KPIs: Turning Data into Gs by Annie Cushing and presented at the Interactivity Digital Conference.

[slideshare id=21215731&doc=anniecushingkpis-130515130603-phpapp02]



Social Sharing Enhancements by Max Minzer with Mike Arnesen on Max Impact Google Plus page.



Facebook Graph Search: Local Search Ranking Factor by Glenn Gabe on Search Engine Watch.

Rich Pins by Pinterest on their site.


The Complete Guide to Reconversion by Tom Roberts on SEOmoz


Pyscape. Grab data from the Mozscape API by Benjamin Estes.


The Pitch Deck We Used to Raise $500,000 for Our Startup by Leo Widrich on OnStartups.


Time Timelapse powered by Google


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