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Google - The empire strikes back remastered

¡Madre de Dios!

I mean, the last edition of my “Super Search Update” was very quiet, somehow intellectual, all about the nature of SEO, looking into the evolution of our industry and… tadà! here comes the Google Empire striking again. And while we all are still waiting its Death Star, announced at SMX Advanced in Seattle by Matt Darth Cutts, its updates, as the AT&T Commandos (Penguin, Panda, EMD Update) are attacking us in the name of justice and peace of the Empire, squeezing and smashing the Rebel scum.

Ok, I started a little too much melodramatic, but let me tell you: all that “peace” Google offered us during the summer (thanks, we could go on vacation), is now asking its tribute after the holiday season.

Obviously Twitter was flooded with posts about the updates Google unleashed.

First, in order of date if not of official announcement, came Panda 20. Why 20? Barry  Schwartz explained well in its report on Search Engine Land.

The day after EMD Update was launched… it was a friday (always its a friday lately). Again in Search Engine Land, this time Danny Sullivan, the news was promptly presented with a notable list of links to older posts about Panda, because the EMD Update seems having many things in common with that old friend of ours.

This new update, somehow awaited, caused (and it is still causing) a lot of noise in the blogosphere. Let me cite just a few posts I consider the best produced about it:

Finally, last week, came the Penguin. In some cases with noticeable effects above the fold, as it is for some queries in English and French, in some other with “supposed” less relevant effects. What does “noticeable” mean for Google? The explication can be found here.

But not all update is Penguin, Panda or EMD… 65 were the updates Google rolled out between August and September! And even the most insignificant may have an SEO consequence, as correctly wrote Eric Ward.

SEO is changing… has changed already. Call it Evolution of the Species.

Yes… maybe we should all pay more attention to what Ian Lurie, amongst others, is preaching since long time: content marketing is the new link building. But Ian says it better than all the others, let me tell you. And, when we think at Content, maybe if we want to win for real we should start thinking big, as Dr. Pete told in his most interesting SEOmoz post of late.

Because reducing our own content strategy to cheap guest blogging is going to be the next Google target, as – in his style – said and not said Matt Cutts answering to a question done by AJ Kohn.

And maybe, you SEO who never consider nothing but your old tactics, you should seriously start discovering the synergies you may create with other apparently so distant disciplines… the – the horror! – Online Marketing ones. But if our Virgilio is Joanna Lord, this is a road we can start discovering.

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Gianluca Fiorelli is an SEO and Web Marketing Strategist, who operates in the Italian, Spanish and English speaking countries market. He also works regularly as independent consultant with bigger international SEO agencies.

3 thoughts on “Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update

  1. Emd update is start of biggest anti on-page seo company by google. May be peoples still not realized, but it not about EMD, it beginning steps to kill all sites with ONPAGE SEO!!!!

    1. Mmmm… if for On Page SEO you mean using every single stupid trick or myth, then, I admit I am happy that that On Page SEO won’t work anymore.
      On Page SEO, IMHO, is more about making a site perfectly indexable, having a smooth information architecture and doing a keyword optimization of content and site’s elements such that the nobody can tell you that SEO has been done on the site. The best On Page SEO is that one who doesn’t seems “On Page SEO”.

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