Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update Sept 28 – 2012

Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update Sept 28 – 2012

28th September 2012

This post presents the best content shared on Twitter between the 6th and the 27th of September. At least for me

Who is an SEO? A professional who spents his days marketing a site in the Search Engines?

A scientist? An artist?

Maybe all of this.

What does make an SEO a real SEO? His knowledge of the algorithms, his brilliant link building skills, his ability in understanding the data in order to create the perfect mix of content, which make a site outstanding? Sure, but, if you think it they are more consequences of a deeper quality: ethics.

An ethics founded on the effort, based on a “desperate” curiosity, which requires us to learn continuously and never considering ourselves masters, but always apprentices.

This is the main concept I have learn, and discovered I was feeling as mine since my first days in this profession, while reading “How to be a better SEO”  by Richard Baxter, his notes for his presentation at the last edition of Brighton SEO.

If you know Richard, you know how a great funny person he can be

In short, a true SEO is someone who loves his work … until it encounters the customer that all we would not have.

How to find out the nefarious and toxic nature of these people before being hired by them? This post by Sujan Patel on Search Engine Journal has the right questions to ask a potential customer when we are still in the pitching process.

“Hey, but I am in-house… I cannot avoid having a terrible CMO!”. No problem, I have something to share with you too to use in your meeting with him: this great post (and even better presentation) Ed Fry wrote for Distilled.

Yes, because one the thing that distinguish an ordinary SEO from a great SEO is also is aim to educate and help people understanding what real web marketing is.

Real SEO is something that finds its fundaments in what my dear friend, brave real SEO Wil Reynolds, defined as RCS (Real Company Sh*t) at Mozcon this year. And Content is what those fundaments are made of, so we have to master it. But SEO should understand, as Copyblogger once wrote, that:

as wisely cited by Searchbrat in this post on SEOmoz , where he present an interesting walk-trough of how to do content marketing for maximizing the TOFU channel.

Video surely is one of the most strongly emerging content marketing tactics, as it marries especially well with SEO and Social Media. But it is also a tricky one, because if badly executed it can cause even worse effects than the positive caused by a good online video campaign. Few day ago Distilled released an excellent guide to online video marketing nobody should miss.

Content is not king but is King Maker, because it is the fuel of real SEO.

But what is the best SEO ally? Social Media.

Bill Slawski, a true SEO

Oh no, not because it influences rankings (even though, in the case of Google+ it effectively influences our visibility in the SERPs) but because it helps us:

  • Propagating our content, offering us an higher possibility to gain links from that visibility (this is the core of the social signals/better rankings correlation);
  • Facilitating the outreach of potential contacts for our link building campaigns.

Yes, link building and links still rule… at least now. And real link building is hard.

Thanks God there are amazing professionals out there eager to share their knowledge.

Thanks Chris Liversige for telling me how to use Gap analysis for multinational link building;

Thanks Eric Ward for dispelling the myth of the trusted links.

And thanks Ross Hudgens for your Term Anchor Text theory as the base of a possible evolution of the Penguin Update.

Links are not dead, I was writing, but I strongly suspect that a new graph, the Author Rank, is going to have a decisive importance on the way we do our job.

If I was you I would start preparing myself to it, as Mike Amesen explains here on SEOmoz, whereas not becoming a blind believer. A real SEO always tests everything and analyzes all the new trends in Search Marketing, as Andrea Pernici did in this post, exactly about Author Rank.



Finally, also to end with a LOL, I suggest you to visit this page by

Not only it is a wonderful concept of great content marketing, but is the perfect example of the synergies between Content, SEO and Social Media.

Because the Web is changing.


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