Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update – March edition

Gianluca Fiorelli’s Super Search Update – March edition

3rd April 2013

What a month March has been!

We had conferences, Matt Cutts announced that Panda is going to be implemented in the real time algorithm (if it is not already rolled out in it) and the quality of the posts shared about our industry was really remarkable.

Somehow a fil rouge is clear amongst every post, presentation and video: Internet Marketing has become a sort of complex puzzle, where many different pieces and professional figures needs to links one each other in order to compose a figure : content, SEO, analytics, social media, design.

Content is at the base, but we should be all aware that content strategy is not the same as saying copywriting. Content Strategy is to copywriting the same as IA is to programming a web, and the content strategist is becoming a professional figure every agency or business company should start including in its organization chart.

In the iAcquire blog you can find a detailed yet understandable post by Devin Asaro, which describe the role and function a content strategy should have.

And content lead to storytelling, a powerful and so ancient technique that so many between us fail to understand or simply overlook. If you are one of them I suggest you to watch and listen to Jennifer Aaker, the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Standford University’s Graduate School of Business here below:


When you are at home this evening, you should also watch the five Ted Talks about storytelling, as they can inspire you in doing more better powerful things, as they did with me.

“Ok… but I am an SEO: what the heck is all this talking about Content and Storytelling?”

I know you are asking yourself that question. So let me introduce this Distilled Live video with the guy of Distilled, who may be more convincing than me in demonstrating how creating a Content Marketing strategy for outreach is the best way of doing link building now. And isn’t link building an SEO thing?


Are you still not convinced? Ok, let’s see if this recap by Lauren Litwinka of the SESNY session “How to Earn Visibility & Links through Killer Content Strategy”  can convince you once for all.

Content, hence, is the future of link building:

[slideshare id=17232862&doc=willcritchlow-thefutureoflinkbuilding-130315105449-phpapp01]

It doesn’t mean, though, that the classic great SEO mentality of digging and discovering link building occasions is dead. Not at all! It simply is focused to detecting better quality opportunities, as described by these two posts:

But I am a brick and mortar kind of SEO! I can’t do #RCS!”… shut up and start thinking that even with a small budget, but strong will and constancy you too can do it, as explained by Kate Morris in this post on Distilled.

All the attention given to Content Marketing since Panda is surely deserved, but that should not us forgive how important is technical SEO. Possibly, it is even more important now than just a couple of years ago.

None is better than Alan Bleiweiss to talk about technical SEO. Here below his great deck about Sustainable SEO:

[slideshare id=17483389&doc=sustainableseo-critical-thinking-required-130321221807-phpapp02]

Do you want more related technical SEO?

So, find here a little gem about the power of logs’ analysis written by Tim Resnik on SEOmoz.

Or, returning to link building, check here below the deck Eric Enge presented at the last SMX West 2013:

[slideshare id=17377721&doc=smxwesttheaterlinkpenaltyrecoveryericenge030513-130319142726-phpapp01]

Yes, sometimes SEO is just SEO , as Justin Briggs wrote just few days ago.

And SEO is so many things right now:

Or we should try listening more what people like Matt Cutts or Duane Forrester say to us.

SEO is complex, and even though sometimes I do everything manually as in the old times, tools are needed. And one of the most loved tools, also by me, is Screaming Frog. Did you know you could do more than 55 things with it? No? So check out this definitive guide of Screaming Frog by Aichlee Bushnell on SEER Interactive, and save it in your favorites.

It is not a question of old vs. new, as Adam Audette has brilliantly written on Search Engine Land, neither a question of Black vs. White Hat, as Peter “Dr Pete” Meyers has written on SEOmoz.

SEO is just SEO. Please, don’t do it the dumb way.


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Gianluca Fiorelli is an SEO and Web Marketing Strategist, who operates in the Italian, Spanish and English speaking countries market. He also works regularly as independent consultant with bigger international SEO agencies.
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