Give us Your Restaurant Results in San Francisco!

Give us Your Restaurant Results in San Francisco!

7th August 2012

SES San Francisco is coming up next week and I will personally be there for several reasons. First of all I will be making videos there, together with our friends from Linkdex. But I will not just be there for State of Search, but also as one of the ‘experts’ on the Roundtable forums. I will be talking there about international search and differences in international SEO.

So you can see that the ‘theme’ for SES San Francisco in my case is very much focussed on international differences, Geo location, something Pete Young talked about yesterday as well. And for that I would like your help, to make something really nice for SES San Francisco.

I am going to be staying in San Francisco for a few days and I will need to eat there with friends. Now I am looking for a good place to eat for different days. I am thinking to go for a ‘real american’ restaurant, an Indian place and some ‘French food’. And you are going to help me find that place! I hope 🙂

I’d like you to send a screenshot of the following searches to [email protected], coming from your local Google, so if you live in the Netherlands we’ll need one from, if you live in Spain from etcetera. We want to have as many results from different places around the world. We will be putting up a map from the world showing from where we already have the results in. We’ll need your help to get results from as many places as possible, so get your friends and family to help out!

With the results we will try and see what the actual differences are between the countries: does another restaurant get picked in different countries?

We’ll make a great post out of it about these differences and will of course credit you for it and we’ll go and eat in the restaurant which gets the most ‘votes’. If you are at SES yourself we might even take you there ;).

The searches

What searches would we want you to do? Well, these three below should give us enough results back right?

“French Restaurant San Francisco”
“Best Food in San Francisco”
“Must visit restaurant San Francisco”

What do we need from you?

To make this work we will need some information from you. What do we need?

  • The location of where you are searching from
  • Your IP if possible
  • The location set in Google (showing in your left side-bar)
  • The search results via a screenshot

So send in those results! E-mail them to [email protected].

Wait, nothing to win? Yes there is!

Wait, I can hear you think. Why don’t I get something in return? Well, because we don’t give away free stuff all the time! But hey, we do have a nice one for you… Download the Linkdex whitepaper (we wrote about this last week) and you have a chance on getting a free platinum ticket to SES San Francisco! Courtesy of Linkdex.

Remember, to be eligible for the ticket you need to download the whitepaper!


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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