Giveaway: 500 Extra Mouseflow Recordings

Giveaway: 500 Extra Mouseflow Recordings

30th January 2012

Recently I wrote about a very nice tool called Mouseflow which can be used to easily track the movements of visitors on a website. Mouseflow has now offered us some recordings to share with our readers. And who are we to say no to something our readers benefit from right?

If you want to give the tool a try you can sign up for a free account, after you added the Javascript code you have 100 free recordings per month. These 100 recordings aren´t much and so if you have more than 100 visitors per month you will run of out these recordings very quickly.


To solve this little limit we can offer you a free 500 recordings extra the first month so that you can try the tool even better and see if it is something for you, all free ofcourse. To get these extra recordings you have to do one simple thing, sign up for a new account here and click the link “Campaign code?”. Then in the field that pops up fill in the following code to get the extra recordings: STATEOFSEARCH12.

After sign-up is complete you will see that the extra recordings are added.

The original article about Mouseflow: Record the Movements of Your Visitors With Mouseflow

Just for the record: we are not using this tool on our website right now, so you are not being recorded at this very moment.


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