Global Social Media Policies – International Search Summit

Global Social Media Policies – International Search Summit

28th October 2010

Massimo Burgio spoke about global social media policies but started it off with what could get you banned from Facebook.

Facebook police are active and kicking, you need to understand the risks. The following is a list of why you could be banned:

1) Not being human or using a fake name
2) Started a fan page from a personal to promote a business or organisation
3) Post copyrighted material
4) Importing too many RSS feeds to Facebook Notes
5) Promoting business on walls /pages / groups
6) Scraping information off Facebook
7) Getting reported as abusive by other users
8 ) Hate groups
9) Adding too many friends at once or joining too many groups at once
10) Posting the same message on too many walls
11) Keep placing Facebook ads that have been refused
12) Promoting spammy apps

What do you lose if that happens? You lose all your investment therefore you need to get an international social media policy. You need to educate your front line employees in that policy and apply it to all web activities. If you leave it unchecked you will open your brand up to abuse.

Great one liner corporate policies:
1) Be nice, be honest and don’t release proprietory info.
2) Don’t be stupid

Brand Facebook etiquette
1) Don’t ask for friendship if youre a brand
2) Don’t add friends without a proper welcome message
3) Don’t tag video in embarrassing photos or videos
4) Don’t create drama

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