Google +1 Button is here, Get your Data to Google!

Google +1 Button is here, Get your Data to Google!

2nd June 2011

After the launch in beta of the +1-button Google yesterday finally launched the official button. Now everybody can put the +1 button on their website. On their blog Google showed how you can put the button on your site. The code which before was discovered by a Dutchman now is publicly available.

Most probably we will be seeing many sites implementing the button over the next few days. Chances are that the button will replace the Google Buzz button which still can be found on many sites, doing nothing.

The button will help make the pages on your website more visible for people who have friend who recommended the page. The page will then be visible in the SERPS via the “XXX +1’d this” tagline below the result.

Google announced it will be using the button on other Google properties like the Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube too. This will mean it will get a lot more ‘load’ than just the results pages in Google.

With the launch of the button Google has taken another social step. The step is multi-interpretable.

The plus one button off course is an indication whether or not you like a page, similar to the Facebook like button. But there are more reasons for the button. Matt Cutts before mentioned that the clicks on the button might be used as an indication for ranking. Even though this is a very debatable way of using the data Google without a doubt will take it into account, but I think the weight of that will not be that significant.

Give Google some data!

A very underestimated reason for the Google +1 button (like I mentioned at SMX London) is the fact that it will give Google loads of data. Data about specific sites (do people like it, do they use the button) but also data which Google gets from YOU as a user. With the data coming back from the button it will know what kind of sites you like and possibly even what kind of sites you visit, though that is just a guess, but it is what Facebook does and Google would be stupid not to track that data. The data can then be used to make your Google experiences even more personalized.

Tracking your website

Matt McGee over at Searchengineland reports that Google will soon come with something like “Google +1 Analytics” which will report aggregate +1 data in four categories: Geography, Demographics, Content and Search impact. Especially the last one will be of interest for SEOs off course. There is however not date yet for when the analytics will be available. Luckily we have Joost de Valk who has made a post to show how you can recognize the +1 clicks in your Analytics.


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