Google Adsense Rolls Out New Interface For A Better User Experience

Google Adsense Rolls Out New Interface For A Better User Experience

27th August 2012

Following on from several recent design tweaks (YouTube, Analytics, their favicon……), Google have now launched a brand new user interface for Google AdSense. Even though the update doesn’t really include any big changes to functionality, Google hope that the new look will be much easier to follow.

The interface now looks as follows:

Probably the biggest change users will find is the “Performance Reports” tab where reports are now organised by type. Although you can still access the standard reports via the “Common reports” section, there will be a new date range selector which is very welcome.

Google have also created a Help section and a ‘Send Feedback’ form so you can let the Adsense team know when something isn’t working as it should be (although this refers to general bugs rather specific issues unfortunately). Still, having some continuity here in line with other products means that help can be found from with the control panel, which is always a more efficient way of working.

The rollout hasn’t been without it’s difficulties as this post from Jennifer Slegg illustrates. I tried accessing Adsense via Safari & Chrome and my iPhone and Android device this morning and both seemed absolutely fine so perhaps the issue has now been sorted? It seems odd that Google allowed the update to go live without testing mobile access extensively but as this was more of a design change than a functional one I guess they weren’t anticipating any problems. Let’s hope every Adsense user now has the full access they need, from whichever device they choose to use.


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