Google Analytics rolls out Multi-Channel Funnel reports for all accounts

Google has announced that as of yesterday (August 24) all Google Analytics accounts will have Multi-Channel Conversion Funnel reports available. Previously available to only a limited amount of accounts, Google has now decided to roll out this feature for all users in the new version of Google Analytics.

Below is a short video from Google explaining what these Multi-Channel Funnel reports are:

In short, what these reports allow you to do is get a more accurate gauge of which online marketing channels are valuable for your website.

Previously all conversions in Google Analytics are attributed to the last source via which the user came to the site prior to converting. Now with Multi-Channel Funnel reports you can see via which channels users reached your site on previous occassions.

This is a very powerful new report that gives you much more insight in to what type of online activity is working for your website, and which isn’t. See below a screenshot taken from one of our client accounts this morning:

Multi-Channel Funnel Report
Multi-Channel Funnel Report

With the right segments and groups you can further enhance these reports to give you even more granular information about how users find your website, and how they finally convert.

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2 thoughts on “Google Analytics rolls out Multi-Channel Funnel reports for all accounts

  1. Hi Barry great article.

    This is still not ideal and not really improved since beta e.g. the solution only includes data from direct visits and not mere banner impressions (that didn’t result in a click-through) and only allows for a 30 day cookie prior to the sale (hence not ideal for longer sales cycles) however this development is certainly welcome.

    View my article on how I believe it will change the digital marketing industry –

    Alternatively here is my 5 second sound bite: Now that multi channel funnels is free for all it will change the way, in particular, small-medium sized business track click value, it will shake up the tracking industry (e.g. the big tracking companies have got to now innovate and the affiliate marketing channel may finally move from last click attribution) and the majority of businesses should start to value the other channels that play a part in the sales funnel but are often not the last click e.g. more generic ppc clicks and social media.

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