Google+ Badges For Personal Profiles

Google+ Badges For Personal Profiles

29th February 2012

Last year when Google introduced Google+ Pages Google also introduced badges. Badges can be easily generated and embedded on a website to show you are a member and to get people to ‘follow’ you. As a company this gives you a way to offer your visitors a quick way to let them add your page to their circles.

Until now the badge was only suited for companies and brands but now Google has made a new badge specifically for personal profiles. So if you have a personal website and, of course a Google+ profile, you can embed a badge now so that visitors of your website or blog can add you to their circles.

Get the code

On this page you can generate the code for your personal badge, here you have two options. First you have to enter you profile ID which can be found by clicking the red “Get Profile ID” button. You can also get your own ID by opening your personal profile, the ID is the long number in the URL.

After you filled in the ID you can choose between an icon and a badge. The difference is that the icon is just a link to your profile where the badge offers a button for visitors to add you to their circles directly.

Then choose your language and embed the code.

Other changes

Earlier this week I wrote about upcoming changes in the +1 button which let you share pages more quickly, these changes are now live for all users. Also Google changed the badge for company’s and brands slightly. The button in the badge is now changed to a ‘follow’ button. When users click on the button the page is automatically added to their circle ‘following’ but this can be changed afterwards.


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