Google Blocked in China

Google Blocked in China

9th November 2012

It seems as if Google has been blocked in China at the moment. The news came from The Next Web who talked to a Googlespokesperson, who confirmed the blockade. The Chinese government has apparently blocked but also other services from Google like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Analytics.

A Google spokesperson told The Next Web “We’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong on our end.”

It seems as if this blockade is not so much against Google but more because of the current political situation in China where in Beijing currently the Party Congress chooses a new president. It seems as if this is more about preventing the Chinese people from searching for things concerning that or from using Google products to work together.

Several sites report that it is now impossible to reach Google products from China, even using a DNS server outside of China. WE tried it the other way around using and were able to do a search from China, but that might have a different reason.

Since there is no other news or indication at the moment this is what we have to do it with. If there is more news we’ll update this post.


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