Google Birthday Doodle: Google Celebrates Your Birthday With You


The Google Doodle’s have become almost like a collector’s item in the past few years. Many sites talk about them whenever Google comes up with a new one. The creation process of a doodle is very interesting as well as you can see below in the video. The one that is most liked is the Google Birthday Doodle.

You probably noticed that Google has been celebrating  birthdays as well. To be more specific, Google celebrates your birthday! You get your own special doodle.

When the magical moment of your birthday has arrived and you go to the homepage of the search engine, you will find the Google logo looks like a birthday celebration! When hovering over the image with your mouse the text ‘Happy Birthday [Your first name]’ will show.

When you normally click on the doodle you would be directed to a search about the topic of Google’s Doodle that day. When it’s your birthday, there’s no search query like with normal doodles, but in this case, your own profile on Google+ will open.

How does Google know when to show your Google Birthday Doodle?

How does Google know when to show you your own Google Birthday Doodle? It’s pretty simple actually. Google shows the birthday Doodle based on the date in your profile. Of course, the logo is only shown when you are logged in. This started in 2010 and recently Google renewed the logo I noticed today after opening the homepage, the new version has more cakes and firework than the previous version, both versions below.

Google started showing the Google Birthday Doodles in 2010 for all users that are logged in. There have been different versions of the Google Birthday Doodle:

Previous version

When Google celebrates it’s own birthday with a Google Birthday Doodle

Google doesn’t just celebrate your birthday, or anyone else, it also celebrates its own birthday. And sometimes they go ‘all out’. For their 17th birthday in 2015 they created this doodle that looked back at the first years of Google (see the screen?):


The year before however they went all animated:


The creation of the Google Doodle

Are you curious about how these doodles are created? Google created a nice video about it. Watch, learn and enjoy:


Is it your birthday? Happy birthday! Tweet this!

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68 thoughts on “Google Birthday Doodle: Google Celebrates Your Birthday With You

        1. Hi Google. Thank you so… much for my Happy Birthday sign. It is hard to believe that I am 50; its been an awesome life with my family, thanks to God, Jesus, my mom, my son and my new husband. I ready for another 50 years!!! Yeah!

  1. That is sooooo awesome! I got mine today and felt millionaire status important…okay I know I’m the only recipient…but just for a split second I got my imaginary fame that went straight to my head….I was my one best star! I was finally important to the…ethernet. Loved it…loved it! Never stop doing this Google.

  2. it was my bday yesterday and when i opened google i was so happy to see that it was written on that happy birthday namitha

  3. I was surprised with the personalized Google birthday doodle yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how it got there since I keep a pretty low profile on the web. I’ve never filled in my Google + profile and don’t recall adding my birthday anywhere. Maybe I had to do it at some point as evidence that I’m old enough to use certain sites. A little bit creepy.

  4. Definitely gave me a big lift, but where were the 75 candles ? 😉

    Thanks to whoever had the original idea !

  5. Thank you so much Google i was really surprised with delight when i saw my doodle for my birthday on the 15th may 2015…..i love you Google Thank you…….

  6. It’s my birthday today, but there’s no google doodle. This hasn’t been the case in the previous years. So, I’m truly disappointed.

  7. This year only I noted. And I searched in google for reason. And after seeing others’ comments, just now I noticed my name near cake. Thanks google. 🙂

  8. I’m honoured to see the cakes & candles & a special happy birthday note with my name. Thank you google for making me feel very special. God bless you.

  9. Dear Sir, Thank You Very Much for today’s doodle on google on occasion of Independent Day Of India !

  10. I was beyond delighted to see my birthday google doodle. I have never felt so special. Many thanks!

  11. Last year I saw my birthday google doodle. It was so wonderful!! But not this year, that is today, why? I’m sad…

  12. I was trying to get my birthday on Google Doodle too when it comes I love to celebrate my born day the anniversary of my birth growing up I have always celebrating my birthday love to celebrate it with Cake Ice Cream and Milk don’t be hating I need that though I like my birthday my bday go right then it’s Tday I turn up originally on October 27th after my birthday on October 26th I almost was born on October 27th cause my time of birth it took come out my mother womb was at 11:40pm a night time close to midnight to 12am very late but my thinks my birthday is on October 28th love it all myself Deonte celebrate my birthday and live my life my own life all everybody and including thinks that about everybody never close to knowing a person like myself birthday is but they can guess and I was born in 1991 the early 1990’s so I would be 26 years old this year in 2017 old generation and old long time century after the last decade of the early mid and late 1980s love it god bless above I feel bless love you lord my god we all not perfect but we set examples for ourselves if what we wanna achieve in life my plan god plan I worship and praise God with all my glory and blessings for a new day a peaceful morning in heaven we all will go one day.

  13. Why didn’t google recognize Nelson Mandela birthday (July 18) on their search engine with a doddle 2017

  14. I am with you on this one. Changing your birthday is a bit weird when you think of it like that. But I guess for a corporation it is a little different. Is the date of birth related to the day the idea was conceived, the date the business was incorporated, when the website went live, etc. I think this article I found on a college website does a good job explaining it I believe that the date Google currently celebrate ties into a Google Doodle that was done.

    Also, I just have to say this. I love how Google does a Google Doodle for someones birthday. What a great idea!

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