Google Changes The +1 Button So You Can Share Even Faster

Google Changes The +1 Button So You Can Share Even Faster

27th February 2012

Google will soon slightly change the way the current +1 button works. Since last year August you can share pages on Google+ via the button embedded on a website.

Extra click

Ever since this was added you have to click on the button first to give the +1 after which you have to click again in to the share box to be able to share the post with your own circles on Google+. This is of course a unnecessary extra click to share a page and Google realized this to. Therefore the behavior of the button will be changed on short notice which means that you only have to click once to share an article.

After clicking the button a popup will appear immediately next or above the button where you can select the right circles and add a optional description. This way the button functions more like the buttons from Twitter and Facebook but you will always have the last step to select circles before you can share. Since we are part of a test group you can already see how this works on our site, just check the +1 button above (and compare that with other sites for example).

Currently the change is only available for people who signed up for this Google+ Platform Preview but the change will be live to all users soon.


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