Google Confirms Tests with Infinite Scrolling

Oh don’t we all love the fact that Google’s testing efforts have become much more visible to all of us? I was talking to co-blogger Jeroen van Eck about it yesterday, is Google doing a lot more testing, are the tests more visible than before or do we just report on them a lot more? Probably it is a combination. Now Google also starts to confirm tests, like in this case the tests with the infinite scrolling.

We have seen them before: tests with infinite scrolling Google results. No more pagination, no more being on page two, three or even 99 or more. All of us on one page: scrolling down will load the next ten links and so forth.

In the latest test the pagination is replaced with a link called “show more results”. Clicking that link will load the next set of results. It is in this case still triggered by clicking a link, but word is there are tests which show you don’t need even need to click a link, more results will just show when you scroll down.

Barry Schwartz at Searchengineland and Seroundtable says a Google spokesperson confirmed this test saying, “Google is constantly experimenting with new features.”

Take a look at an example here, made by Waebo, what do you think? Like it or not?

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4 thoughts on “Google Confirms Tests with Infinite Scrolling

  1. It will definitely have an impact on the user behaviour and hence on SEO and PPC. Sometime ago Google released a pie chart equating how traffic is shared between top 10 places with rank 1 accounting for approx 43% and rank 10 gaining only 3% . I think this will change and traffic will be scattered further down the page

  2. Looks pretty neat to me! But… I can image this works when you want to go from ‘page’ 1 to ‘page’ 2, but what happens if you want to go back from ‘page’ 9 to ‘page’ 3. You’ll have to scroll a lot, you don’t know where you are in the list of results etc.

  3. I think it quite difficulty to use when you conduct a lot of research and multi-tasking with other websites, once you scroll a lot, you will not remember where are you scroll and stop. Many users will not like this feature.

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