Google Consumer Surveys Could Be Worthwile To Try

Google Consumer Surveys Could Be Worthwile To Try

17th April 2012

On the 29th of March Google introduced a new product called Consumer Surveys. A new product aimed on both large and small companies who would like to do market research in an easy way in order to make certain decisions. These online surveys can be about everything, for example how many hours users watch TV or which kind of packaging they prefer for a certain product.

For publishers the tool could be interesting if they have content that is meant to be only available after a visitor pays for it (paywalls) but it’s also interesting for publishers who just want to make some extra bucks every month. Google is payed $ 0.10 cents per question by market research companies and if you are a publisher and post a survey on your website you will get $ 0.05 cents from Google for every question answered, tho other half is for Google.

If you have a lot of visitors on your website the tool can certainly be worthwhile, at least if we look at the results from Texas Tribune who placed the survey in August last year on their data pages, at that moment still a quite no name experiment from Google.

Marketing Vox and are reporting that the Texas Tribune is now earning a whopping $ 5000,- every month from users who answer just one simple question. The site has 600,000 unique visitors each month and 60 per cent of that traffic is to its data pages, so that are 360.000 visitors. It’s not clear how many of that number of visitors are actually answering the question asked and how many visitors leave the site afther the popup shows up.

As a visitor you have to answer to get to the page or fill in your e-mail. Visitors who don’t want to answer the specfic question asked do have the option to choose another question.

Of course you can argue if everyone is answering the question honest or just click something to get to the page or maybe that’s just me :-). At least it’s a nice alternative for paywalls knowing that in most cases readers don’t want to pay for content. You can find more information about Google Consumer Surveys here:


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