Google+ for Business

I get asked many times weekly whether I think businesses should take Google+ seriously. The answer is always a big fat yes, not so much because of the power of the network, but because there is going to be a significant influence on all Google products, including search.

But there is more, as this infographic, made by Blueglass for Chris Brogan, shows us.

via Chris Brogan

Bas van den Beld

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One thought on “Google+ for Business

  1. It was easy for business owners to think “Oh no, not another social network to manage” when Google+ came around but the thing is, Google+ isn’t just another social network.  It’s a Google product, and you need to pay careful attention to everything that Google does in order to succeed online.  Search and social are now intertwined and ignoring Google+ will minimize your search engine potential.  

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