Google giving more shape to social person search: last twitter updates

Google giving more shape to social person search: last twitter updates

30th March 2011

It’s the most done search on the web: the ego search. People looking for their own name. But also many people look for other peoples names, like the ones they are going to meet for the first time, either in a meeting or on a date for example.

I’ve stated before that it would be interesting to actually get a page which you can monitor yourself that would show up in the Google results for your own page and with the new and updated Google Profiles Google seems to have done just that. And Google is now taking another step.

The Google Profiles are showing up more and more in the SERPS and it seems that Google has made a change to how they show Twitter results when you search for a name.

We are used to seeing “*Name* (@name) on Twitter – Get short, timely messages from…” result from Twitter when Google found an account:

Now in some cases Google shows us the latest tweet somebody posted:

This change is part of the social changes which Google is making and you will only see it from people within your social circle who actually shared it. The next step will be that everybody sees it.


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