Google GMail Ads Mocked (by Microsoft?)

Back when Google launched GMail and people for the first time saw ads in them everybody was stunned. It was actually the first time that Google got ‘privacy matters’ thrown at them. From that point on the ‘do no evil’ statement was looked at in a different way than before that. Google and Privacy since then never really ‘became friends’.

In this video the ad-functionality within GMail is mocked. In a kind-of-funny way. With the (so it seems) intention to get people away from Gmail onto Office 365. The video seems to be in favor of Microsoft. But if the company is really behind this video? I doubt it…

Bas van den Beld

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2 thoughts on “Google GMail Ads Mocked (by Microsoft?)

  1. I got a response from a reader about this funny video. He was right by saying that Microsoft is comparing two different things here. Were Office 365 (payed product) is targeted at businesses, Gmail is not. The video should be comparing Office 365 with Google Apps. Important to note that Google Apps (the payed versions) doesn’t scan mail and doesn’t show ads. Or they should use Hotmail to compare.

  2. Ive just cancelled my gmail as I never stopped getting ads relating to sewers, waste water management and sump pumps, whatever they are, It was so depressing, “These ads relate to mails sent from your inbox” said google, but I have never touched these topics EVER! At least microsoft or yahoo give you a nice big picture to look at, not relating to sewers.

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