The New Google+ iPad App

The New Google+ iPad App

12th July 2012

The new Google+ app for the iPad went live earlier this week. Until now, users had to be content with the limited functionality of the iPhone version, (which has also been updated in time with the iPad release).

First-off the app is designed for the tablet device, therefore the look and feel is by that token more “tabular”. The update stream appears in a grid format, with each update given a visual block of real estate on the screen.

ipad app update stream

Users can also access and edit existing features such as Circles, your profile, account and settings; though a couple of additional features exist which really lend well to the tablet device.

Instant Upload

Choose this setting (default “on” though needs acknowledgement) and photos you take with your iPad will be instantly uploaded and published on your G+ account, providing the G+ app is open or has been very recently open. I can imagine this is a great time-saver and perfect for publishing pictures on the move.

Video Hangout

Using this feature you can video conference with up to nine G+ contacts at a time, which is a great feature, particularly for small businesses and business people on the go. All you need is your iPad to hold an impromptu face-to-face meeting.


The new Events feature is also available on this app (and also the updated iPhone app), allowing users to schedule, create and invite contacts in their Circles to events. Conceptually this is very similar to the Facebook Events. Content that your G+ contacts share about the event, such as comments posted or photos connected to (or taken at) the event, can be ring-fenced and collated with the event itself.

Whilst Google+ seems to be making lukewarm progress perhaps an app like this with such useful features that really lend themselves well to the nature of a tablet device and the activities we find such devices so useful for; this may be the most suitable platform for this product.


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