Google Lets You Say Thank You To Those Who Shared

Here’s another interesting small change I just spotted in the search results. We are now all familiar with the “your friends X,Y,Z and x-number of people +1’d this” texts below the search results. It shows us who of our friends, or to be more specific who from our social circles, have shared, or +1ed a specific search result. It is part of personalized search and it will trigger most of the searchers to click on a result quicker than they would if there was just a title, link and description.

Now Google seems to have taken another step to make things more personal and to ‘push’ Google+ at the same time. Next to a “your friends X,Y,Z and x-number of people +1’d this” text it now says “Thank them”. And you can “thank them” on Google+ off course.

Here is how it looks:

When you click on the “Thank them” link an overlay opens over your search results giving you the opportunity to thank people on Google+:

A smart and somewhat nice feature from Google. And it apparently caught some people by surprise:

What do you think?

Bas van den Beld

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21 thoughts on “Google Lets You Say Thank You To Those Who Shared

  1. The cynical bastard in me just rolls his eyes at the sheer inanity of this. But hey it’s probably an awesome feature for teens. You know, that online demographic that is totally absent from Google+.

  2. Now Barry, don’t count out the numerous marketeers who on twitter have a timeline that consist for 90% out of “thanks for the retweet!” posts. They are going to cream about this feature.

    Now the person who’s going to thank me for plus ones just disqualified for getting any anymore, ever.

    1. Ah yes how could I have forgotten that target demographic: ego-masturbatory social media experts. I almost forgot that particular degenerate species of internet creature still exists, as I have religiously filtered them from my following/friends/connections lists and thus almost never see their particular brand of self-promotional vomit any more.

  3. A coworker clicked this in a search result today. I hadn’t +1ed it, but it gave him an option to thank me anyway. I received an update and though I knew he had done it, that could be confusing for someone. Thanks for sharing this new feature.

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