Google letting you check available rooms in Maps?

Google letting you check available rooms in Maps?

12th January 2011

It seems as if Google is making some more changes to Google Maps at the moment. Either that or I haven’t been paying attention lately ;).

I noticed two different things in the past two days. First I noticed Android continuing my Google Maps query where I left it at my computer and then this morning I noticed the checkin / check out options on Google Maps.

This morning I was looking on Google Maps for the Parking I had to go to for my meeting a bit later on. I then noticed that on top of the results there was the possibility to fill in check in and check out dates. Not for the Parking off course, but for the hotels nearby to the Parking. A quick check on Twitter and with some friends learned me they hadn’t seen it before either. So it might be something new, or we have looked over it.

If you do a search in Maps, for example for “hotel london near Big Ben” you will get results with the option to fill in dates. Once you change that date, Google Maps changes with it, Instant style so to speak.

All of a sudden there are many changes. The order of results change, where in the first search the Express Holiday Inn had the first spot, in the second result that spot goes to Park Plaza County Hall hotel. And there is more. The prize of the hotel room also appears next to the results, plus there are more results than in the first query.

So is this new? Or have we missed this? You tell us. For me at least this is new. And it could have a big impact for the travel industry. After all, it is not a ‘solid’ spot anymore. Based on the date you can really be higher or lower in these rankings. And will the travel industry like this…?

The Maps on Android

The other thing I noticed was yesterday. Again I was looking for directions. I found the directions, saw them, closed the computer and then went into my car. There I opened up my navigation on Android. And guess what the destination was on the Android? Indeed, the destination I had just looked up on Maps on my computer. That was kind of scary and easy at the same time. The first thought was “how did they know that”, the second thought was “but it is kind of handy!”. Off course being logged into Google helps here. It just monitors what I do and then ‘helps’ me when I (automatically) login to other devices.

Anyway, it seems as if Google is making some changes again.

Update: I learned that Google had been testing this in March, as Mashable reported. They apparently are now rolling out in full.


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