Google Maps Mobile goes 3D on new Nexus S

Google Maps Mobile goes 3D on new Nexus S

7th December 2010

So Google did decide to make a follow up on their Nexus One phone. This week Google presented the Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, with the new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. Mobile is as important as ever for Google. That clearly shows. But the phone business itself doesn’t seem to be something which Google is really very interested in being in. However, that what’s ON the phone is where Google’s focus lies.

It is therefore interesting to see what Google does when it comes to mobile search, Android and mobile applications. One of them being for example Google Maps on Android. Today and yesterday the D Mobile conference takes place in San Francisco. There Android chief Andy Rubin gave a sneak peak of the new Maps application. And guess what: Google is going 3D.

A big change is the fact that the app is now drawing maps as you use them, and with that offers smoother transitions. This all because of a new dynamic map rendering engine. This engine also makes it possible to go 3D. These show up when you go into Streetview-level. The engine also allows you to go offline with the map. You can cache an entire map which makes it a lot faster.

The next step off course is getting businesses and ads into these maps. I’m sure Google won’t wait too long for that.

Watch the entire talk with Rubin here.

Check out the new Nexus S:


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