Google Now Showing Special Snippets for List Pages

Google Now Showing Special Snippets for List Pages

31st August 2011

I have had several people asking about a new way of snippets they were seeing in Google result pages. Some thought this was some sort of testing by Google. It is not, it is a new feature which was rolled out last week: snippets for list pages.

When pages consists mostly out of lists Google has found a way to show (part) of these lists in the snippet. This means that if you have a list on your page, that list might just be part of the snippets. Opportunity knocking!

On its searchblog Google explains:

“This week we started rolling out snippet improvements for pages that contain lists; results for these pages will now reflect the structure of the page, rather than just showing two lines of text.

If a search result consists mostly of a structured list, like a table or series of bullets, we’ll show a list of three relevant rows or items underneath the result in a bulleted format. The snippet will also show an approximate count of the total number of rows or items on the page. “

How to get them?

Would you like to have your snippets look like this? Make sure you have a page with a list. Take a look at this page from the Arsenal World website, which has a list of fixtures in it, build up in the code. That results in this result on Google:

We will try and look more into depth into how you can make them as perfect as possible and get back to you on this.

The changes will be rolled out in the coming week so you might be seeing more of these.


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