Google or Bing: The Royal Wedding – UPDATE

Google or Bing: The Royal Wedding – UPDATE

28th April 2011

Since Bing is gaining market share in the US and a little in the UK and we are always complaining that we don’t have the ‘right’ Bing here in Europe I figured it was about time to take a closer look at the differences between the two. So I decided to put up my “user” hat and act as a user searching for current events and compare the two. In the coming weeks I will be trying to compare Google to Bing based on searches related to current events. That way I hope to get a real insight into what the real differences are between the two search engines.  Today I made a video about the differences between Google and Bing when it comes to the Royal Wedding which takes place tomorrow in London.

I am very curious about what you think is the best of the both when it comes to this search. So let me know in the comments!


So the wedding is over, we are now several hours after the happy couple said “yes”. What is the score now? Let’s take a quick look at the two search result pages. To be very honest: based on user experience my vote goes to Bing. But you decide:

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