Google Plus One Button Shows Who Plus Oned a Page

The Google +1 Button has been around for a while and is slowly but surely starting to get more characteristics of the like/share button from Facebook. After Google released the feature in which you could share posts using the +1 button, they now also release an annotation option and the possibility to customize the snippet which goes with it.

Members of the Google+ Platform Preview group can already get the code and implement it on their site. We added the annotation option to our share button on the left side. That means that if you hover over the +1 button, you will see a list of contacts who already +1’d the page.

Timothy Jordan originally posted this on Google Plus. It is pretty simple to do. You paste this piece of code (in between CODESTART and CODEEND) into your website:

CODESTART<!-- Place this tag in your head or just before 
your close body tag -->
<script type=`text/javascript` src=`

<!-- Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render -->
<g:plusone size=`tall`></g:plusone>
<script type=`text/javascript`>
  function plusone_vote( obj ) {

and the annotations should work. On the +1 button page for webmasters you can also customize the snippet. That will give you more control over what people are sharing in plus one.

That could also imply that in the future we can start working with different kind of snippets for different goals. Like a different snippet for a search result and a snippet for Google Plus for example.

Bas van den Beld

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2 thoughts on “Google Plus One Button Shows Who Plus Oned a Page

  1. I have noticed that these plus ones are starting to effect search engine rankings just like Google has said. The more plus ones you have the higher it seems your website will be in the search engine rankings. I figured it would have some effect but it is surprising how powerful it is already.

  2. Hi Bas – great article on the impact that +1 could have. There are hundreds of sites where you can buy +1s (against Google’s TOS) but you can also build them completely naturally for free. Check out this neat firefox plugin:

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