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5 thoughts on “Google+: RIP or…?

  1. While I won’t disagree with the statistics, even Google aims to not call G+ a social network. In reality, it really isn’t competing with Facebook. For example, the stat on the G+ hypothetical shares doesn’t give any meaning, because there doesn’t need to be a hypothetical. As of right now, Google’s share price is 569 while FB is at 27.5. That’s 27 times higher. They don’t need to make money off G+, they’re using it to socialize their other products. Facebook and Google have very different “ideal” visions. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts tho. 

  2. The time on site is probably skewed to be really low due to a very high number of “tyre kickers” on G+ . For the actual active users the time is undoubtedly higher. Of course, that also means the visits number is massively inflated. That huge number of people constantly just checking back in is also a sign that they’d be willing to use it once it reached a tipping point where more people they know are on there.

    I agree with Pavel too, it’s not really like FB. I don’t post publicly on FB and I do on G+.
    I think it’s more like Twitter, but with longer posts and better additional features (hangouts, etc).

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