Google puts Hotpot closer to Google Maps

Google puts Hotpot closer to Google Maps

17th January 2011

Last November Google launched Hotpot, in an effort to get a step closer to actually being social, combined with the local elements. As many “Social” products from Google it hasn’t really seen a lift off yet.

Google now wants to make another move into making Hotpot more interesting for its users. If you are using Hotpot you might see the most recent rating and review activity of your Hotpot connections integrated in Google Maps.

It’s a logical step since Hotpot was meant to make local places more interesting and more relevant to you. You can share your reviews on local places with your Hotpot friends and you can see what your friends thought of, for example, a restaurant.

The combination Maps / Hotpot therefore will make it a much more useful product than the stand alone version it is now.



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