Google Ranking Factors 2012 in One Overview

Google Ranking Factors 2012 in One Overview

29th May 2012

There are many many rankingfactors. Some more important than others, some more focussed on than others. It would be nice if you just had a checklist: do this and do that and you will rank. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There are many factors to take in account and each one can make a difference, or not.

To get a grip on which factors are important this infographic by Martin Missfeldt is a very handy one, because it clusters rankingfactors (not all of them, but quite a few) in major topics: Social, Backlinks, Author/Brand and On page. A very nice overview. 

via TagSEOblog

Which ones do you feel are missing here?


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