Google Removing Black Bar, Changes to Menu

Google Removing Black Bar, Changes to Menu

30th November 2011

It was a shock when it first showed up above the search results. And then it started to show up above all Google products: the black navigation bar.

This navigation bar gives direct access to search, images, Google+ and all other Google products. It also shows your settings options and how many alerts you have from Google+. That black bar however is about to disappear again.

Google announced that as part of their redesign the black bar will go away. The items which were in the bar will be moved to a drop down list wist can be opened by a menu just under the Google logo.

Google is sure to keep the Google+ tools visible tough. They will stay in the top right corner. Take a look at the video Google released:



As usual, if you are not seeing this right away, be patient, it may take a while.


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