Google rolls out Hotpot in the SERPS

Google’s has taken another step in their attempt to get social with their local results. Where they launched Google Hotpot several months ago, that same functionality from now on will be seen within the SERPS.

“The next time you perform a search, Google will serve up personalized results, listing places based on your tastes, as well as recommendations from your friends.”, Google states on their blog. The change will only be seen by those logged in to Google.

Google gives the example of a search for a restaurant in Barcelona, but off course that can be any place. If one of your friends has rated a restaurant, you might see their rating and what they had to say about it below that restaurant’s listing. The rating might be accompanied by their picture. Looking at all the reviews has also become a lot easier. By clicking on the “Places” in the sidebar and clicking “Friends only” will show you all hotpot results.

The step was to be expected and is yet another step to a more personal and local Google. Slowly but surely all the different elements Google focusses on are getting more visible: local, social and personal are shown here. Rolling this out on Mobile will complete it.

Bas van den Beld

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3 thoughts on “Google rolls out Hotpot in the SERPS

  1. This is extremely interesting. It looks like consumer and user reviews will be more important than ever in order to do well in Local Google search. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to encourage customers to leave reviews, other than providing excellent service?

  2. lol … yeah the mighty GOOG! is punishing Yelp for refusing to sell. Which can’t believe they did. Though Groupon wins my worst decision in the history of business decisions award. Good for businesses, so I’m good with it. Though google is changing something or adding something so often. Makes anyone trying to keep up with developments dizzy.

    Sighs, though imo … guess they have to keep changing their mystic algo’s, to keep them mystic. About the time people think they fully understand what google’s doing and how they operate … Goog! changes, lol.


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