Google Showing “Sources” in Preview Area

Google Showing “Sources” in Preview Area

7th November 2011

Another Google Test has been spotted. The preview-section which Google uses on the right hand site of results in the SERPS, is in this test used for a different kind of information: sources.

Meanwhile Google also consists on pushing their own products, especially Google+ and YouTube. There is some nice integration of Plus and Google being rolled out.


The test was found by Cyrus Shepard, he posted about it on Google+. He found, when searching for “Twitter”, more information on the right hand side. It is more information about the search itself, with in this case extra information about Twitter:

It looks like the information might be coming from Wikipedia and highlights the most important information about the search, like definitions, company information, recent news and the program language Twitter uses.

This kind of information could be much more valuable than the current previews. It could also be a next step to (paid?) information about brands. Imagine searching for a brand name and getting this kind of information about the brand. That is nice, but what if the brand could add its own information to this?

Google pushing Plus and YouTube

At the same time Google is pushing its current products more. Something which will be of interest to the antitrust officers. Google has added a small YouTube icon to Plus. When you click on it it says “What would you like to play?”. If you type for example “Madonna”, it will open up a pop up where a playlist of Madonna songs start playing immediately. If you search for a person, it might show you talks that person did, or interviews. It does work pretty nice.

Vice Versa YouTube is now also promoting Google+. On the homepage you get notice of what videos you’ve uploaded to Google+ and you get notice of videos uploaded to others on Google+.

As said before, Google+ is going to be everywhere


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