Google+ sign in: Google is Getting Even More Data

Google+ sign in: Google is Getting Even More Data

27th February 2013

It’s all about big data these days. And there are a few companies who understand the importance of that, one of them being Google. Ever since Larry Page took back his reign at Google and Google+ saw its life light Google has done whatever it takes to get big data.

In another attempt to boost Google+ and to get more big data Google yesterday launched “Google+ sign in”. A feature much like Facebook or Twitter sign in. According to Google for ‘an upgraded experience’ and prohibiting ‘social spam’ but without a doubt also to get an even bigger grip on user data.

What is does, for the user

Google introduces the feature as follows:


What is does for the user is really simple: it allows you to sign in to non-Google apps using your Google+ account. It also makes it easy for you to manage these sign ins through a specific page. As said, it is exactly the same as you can do with Facebook or Twitter.

What is does, for Google

More importantly here is what the sign in does for Google. Because the one ‘getting the most out of this feature’ is without any doubt Google.

It pushes Google+

A simple advantage for Google is that this feature pushes the use of Google+. It might get people to sign up, because they feel it is easy to sign in like that.

Next to that Google added a simple sharing system which allows you, once signed in, to easily share content you are visiting via your mobile device, through… Google+…

This off course will give the network a push when it comes to activity ON the network.

Data data data

And off course there is the data. With all the things Google does around the web it takes your data. And it uses that data to create a very personalised experience, whether it is in search, maps, or somewhere else.

This feature will allow Google access to even more of your data. It will not only show what apps you like (which they probably already know), it will give them a peek ‘inside’ the apps as well and see what you like inside the apps.

Should app builders and marketers do anything with it?

If you have an app, should you make it ‘sign-in ready’ for Google? And as a marketer, can you use this, should you push for this?


Even though you are giving away some of your data, it will probably benefit you in the end. It will make that Google will probably rate your apps higher, it will better understand the content within the app and it will therefor be able to better present that content to your targeted audience.

As a marketer it will allow you to spread your content more easily and who knows, in the future it might even ‘rank’, on personalised search that is…


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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